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Introduce a goodybag for less than £10 which includes data

Status: Not For Us
by joepowell3 ‎12-07-2011 13:48

I know this is not a new idea, but since giffgaff are now charging people (who are not on a goodybag worth £10 or more) for data I feel this needs to be reconsidered.


I have spoken to Vincent about introducing a monthly data cap, and his response was positive.


Based on the fact that for over a year giffgaff have been giving each of their customers 100mb EVERY DAY FOR FREE (this equatres to approx. 3000mb per month), I think that a relatively small monthly data cap could set on goodybags under £10.


Maybe a goodybag for £7.50 could be implemented which includes unlimited texts and 250mb (I mean 250mb to be used throughout the entire month, this is not a daily limit).


In my opinion, I think that many people (including myself)  who currently buy £5 goodybags will start buying this goodybag instead which will obviously result in more income for giffgaff.


Please give kudos if you think that introducing a goodybag with a small monthly data cap would be a step in the right direction for giffgaff. Thanks.

Status: Not For Us
Nice idea however because of concerns over how complicated this would be system wise and the fact we will be having data only goodybags we felt it wasn't suitable.

When I first read your suggestion I got the impression that you may be employed as a package planner for one of the opposition networks. Smiley Happy

What you left out was a suggestion for the penalty for going over your limit.

The price differential would not be significant enough when compared to the £10 GB with unlimited data.

The whole idea of the data focussed goodybag was to fill the gap with an option to serve the people that make very few calls , even less texts but use the data for online services.

There are many people like this, stuck with hundreds of minutes & texts, paid for & never used or occasionally being heavily penalised for going over their data allowanceon the minimalist package.

I accept that GG are in business to show a profit which was why I suggested a mutually beneficial idea some time ago.


I think all ideas deserve credit.


My only concern with this one is the value of saving just £2:50 per month.


There tends to be a natural progression with goody bag type plans 

e.g.  £5 ,   £10,   £20,    £40  etcetera.


Traditionaly the next step would be to consider a £2:50 goody bag for really light users, kids etc.

I'm not sure of the value of an ' in between goody bag '  but I do appreciate individual circumstances vary.




I understand what you are saying, and I brought this up in my conversion with Vincent. However, he explained that providing data is very costly to giffgaff and therefore providing any amount of data to goodybags that cost £5 would not be benefitial to giffgaff, in terms of profit-making. It is for this reason that I proposed a £7.50 goodybag.




The penalty for going over the monthly limit is the same as going over minutes in a goodybag - you will be charged at the standard rate until another goodybag is activated.


I would just like to see some data even if its a tiny bit included in the £5 one. Just incase I accidently went on the web apart from anything else.


these ideas are all great, i think there should be an only internet data goodybag for those who use internet more than anything else... btw if u use Watsapp txtn wid m8s  automatically becomes


aren't giffgaff already working on these data only bags etc?

Realistically, any data only goodybag that costs more than £5 per month is out of step with the rest of the market place. If giffgaff expect members to pay arounf £7.50 a month for data they will most likely have a mass exodus on their hands. 


Or a goodybag that includes credit and Internet say £5 credit and 250MB goodybag a month (credit stays)??


i just feel a £2.50 increment is too small - maybe a goodybag with significantly fewer minutes and texts and data? but that just doesnt  seem feasible....I think theres not much difference in that £2.50 is there??