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What can you offer or would you consider offering a goody bag that would benefit those who are deaf? I have friends who are deaf and would love to recommend giffgaff to them, but there isn't a goody bag that would benefit them, there used to be a just text one but think that has gone? unlimited texts and plenty of internet would suit them fine especially at a bargain price. Any suggestions? kind regards
I agree... a just text goodybag would suit a whole range of people and would not just benefit those who are hard of hearing but younger members who prefer to text rather than phone. Let's see this one added asda mobile are already doing it !!
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Status changed to: Not For Us
Not For Us: This idea went into our Bi-monthly Goodybag Review and after much discussion we decided that this isn't something we can implement. Removing minutes from a goodybag won't bring down the price of a goodybag as it's the data that's expensive.
That's really disappointing. I completely expected a company like giffgaff to get behind this idea to help people out and certainly not to be thinking of the bottom line. Obviously you can't be loosing money, but you could certainly offer a hard of hearing goodybag. Removing minutes may not reduce the cost by much but it's still better than not reducing the cost at all!!! And it wouldn't cost you anything to do it, you just need to take the £12 goodybag, cut the minutes out and reduce the cost equal to the saving you make. Again even though I'm not hard of hearing myself, I'm really disappointed at giffgaff for this! Smiley Sad
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That's fair enough, again, to everone who is disappointed, we don't know the financial side of it, we don't know how much minutes cost for giffgaff, and therefore we have to respect their judgement and realise that if it isn't going to bring the price down by much, then there is no point in implementing even more goodybags causing even more confusion when you could just get one of the other goodybags at a similar price but with minutes included.


@peterorrell Whilst I respect your viewpoint, I personally disagree, you're judging that the minutes cost a certain amount, and for all we know, it could cost 20p for giffgaff to include all of those minutes... no-one wants a goodybag priced at £11.80 in my opinion...


I can see why people will be disappointed but if it isn't going to make a substantial difference then what's the point at all... We have to think in a rounded way Smiley Happy


I'm disappointed about this - but not half as disappointed as those who have to pay for calls they can't use, but might value more texts instead.


I remember someone telling me some time ago that it's society which 'disables' people, not their own differences. And the discrimination continues!


For shame!




I have to say that I think that is a shocking and quite disgusting response to a socially minded proposal. It isn't as if it would be a big deal if it was only made available to members of the British Deaf Association .. on the contrary, being a company that visibly recognises a disadvantaged minority group would likely win a lot of business. . 


Just one of many things I have seen lately that make me wonder if it isn't just time to completely give up on the Telefónica group of companies. O2 burnt their bridges a long time ago, but I really had expected better from GiffGaff .. especially given some of the staggeringly fatuous proposals they actually do run with.


Hi giffgaffers

Although dissappointing, perhaps we could follow this line of thinking:

Suppose we could imagine that the goodybag has no call value on it Smiley Happy

If you don't use it, then no loss (or gain).

Guessing that the cost difference might be minimal for giffgaff, but introduction might be confusing.

This goodybag is probably the best bet, depending on exactly how many text messages needed:

For £7.50 a month get:

  • 200 UK minutes
  • Unlimited UK texts
  • 250MB Internet
  • Free to giffgaff numbers
Or try:
Matthews' calculator,
maybe some hidden surprises, SC
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Ok i can understand the giffgaff side of things. But they could give people that havnt used any minuits at all from there goodybag which would be the people concerned. giffgaff could give them a couple of quid payback each month, 


I started this because GiffGaff does not give a deaf package, we need data and texts, thats all no free calls etc. I can get that from O2 for £10 a month but have limited web access, Deaf people can't make phone calls or answer voice mail so why should we have to pay for them?


Data, data data and Text text text, that is what the deaf community needs, please help us get that.


@computekbrainI too see your viewpoint and also respectfully disagree with you Smiley Happy Remember the old adage that evil prevails when good people do nothing. As @bee4 put it rather well "'s society which 'disables' people, not their own differences. And the discrimination continues!" This issue is really NOT about money, but rather about being inclusive and supportive of those with a disability. In terms of money though, there must be some sort of saving from not including the minutes, and this should certainly be offered to those who are physically unable to use them. For example, there is a £3 price difference between the £12 and £15 pound goodybag, with the only difference being an additional 250 mins. If the same costing model is followed then excluding the minutes from the £12 goodybag should create a £9 'Hard of hearing goodybag' that has unlimited texts and data. Either this, or something similar, should certainly be possible, or giffgaff are charging way too much to add those extra 250 mins for members on the £15 goodybag! Maybe giffgaff should embrace transparency with their costings...if we knew how much the cost of minutes/texts/data is on their side, I really bet that the community could come up with a perfect goodybag. I don't care if I find out giffgaff are making a huge profit on my plan...its a good deal and I'm happy with it and they can make whatever profit they can off that. Students are offered discounts left right and centre just for being students, so why shouldn't those who are hard of hearing be able to get a discount for not using minutes? I agree with @sorgenfri2 that I would be fine if this was only offered to those who are registered deaf...this would solve the problems of confusion with an extra goodybag being offered to the general public. I'm still really shocked and disappointed that giffgaff have turned this down Smiley Sad