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by aoon_m on ‎18-04-2012 23:19

got my sims in the other day and couldnt help but notice that it doesnt mention the fact that you can use an O2 voucher to top up.

it would be a lot less confusing for someone to go in and know that an O2 voucher would work instead of them researching it and finding out where 'giffgaff' vouchers are sold, and since theres no such thing would possibly turn people off.

what do you guys think? maybe just a little mention on it that says we accept O2 vouchers ? Smiley Happy 

Status: Idea Vault
by cheekypj
on ‎18-04-2012 23:22
Yeah do have to agree the voucher top ups are a little messed up. Think giffgaff need to do an update on this and where people can get them from. As most placed I have asked have said they don't do them any more or don't know what I'm talking about. I jut ask at sainsburys for an O2 and works wonders, plus nectar points!!
by aoon_m
on ‎18-04-2012 23:27

Ahh i always always use online methods but it would be nice for giffgaff to add a comment in,

by stephenmiller
on ‎18-04-2012 23:40

Changing the packaging is a very expensive deal and they just got in the new batch, for the next lot maybe but you won't be seeing this anytime soon.


And Cheekypj, feel free to add your comments and support to this nectar points idea 




The above link is not a duplicate suggestion.

by aoon_m
on ‎19-04-2012 00:04

Yes but its just a printing change.. maybe for next batch?

by revomutharock
on ‎19-04-2012 02:33

It does say that you can use vouchers in registration process why not put it in there? 

by aoon_m
on ‎20-04-2012 07:39
I don't understand what your trying to say
by andreww
on ‎28-07-2012 21:20
Status changed to: Idea Vault
by will23
on ‎09-01-2014 11:57
Status changed to: Idea Vault

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