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KB index to facilitate linking to KB articles

KB index to facilitate linking to KB articles

Been thinking about my linking habits. Use them a lot on fb wall and, to a lesser extent, in the forums.

Being a creature of habit I almost exclusively head to the top tips forum. My favorite links are all floated to the top of the list for ease of finding, unless they are already summarized in the excellent guide to the top tips forum.

Following recent discussions am coming around to the idea of linking to equivalent KB articles instead. However going to be hard to change my habits.

What I was thinking was, how feasible would it be for a summary index of KB articles, along the lines of the guide to the top tips forum, to be created from which it would be quick and easy to link to? The easier its made, the more people will do it after all.

Thoughts/comments welcomed.

Supported Phil, as per my posts in your thread re the same Smiley Happy

Good Luck

top cat

Great idea Smiley Happy Happy to support everything that promotes the KB Smiley Happy

good idea
As above :-) Good idea...
I ate the FAQ

Yes that would be very useful, good idea. Smiley Happy

giffgaff head-scratcher

Khairul did start such an index and updated it to point to many KB items when it launched, however it did sort of run out of steam and hasn't seen any updates recently

giffgaff to the grave

yes great idea phil and it would be very useful ..supported

great idea
Good idea. Gets my support.

When someone answers a question correctly on the Help! board the giffgaff flower blossoms Smiley Wink


When someone searches and finds that answer after the system has changed the flower wilts Smiley Sad


When the garden is well organised, watered and fed the garden will flourish Smiley Happy


I would like to see a happy and well tended giffgaff garden and so support this idea so long as once planted it isn't left to wilt and eventually be taken over  by weeds. Smiley Frustrated


Hope I have made myself clear Smiley LOL