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Kudos awarded to posts from the gg staff

Kudos awarded to posts from the gg staff

Just a little idea that I hope isnt a late night crazy idea that I will regret later lol.

My idea is for the eductors while they are keeping an eye on the forum if they could kudos posts they feel should have been awarded kudos! There must be many threads that have not been awarded any kudos due to the op being unaware that they can award kudos.

I thought this might be just a nice thing to happen that would cheer up all the kudos hungry members Smiley Wink

i hear u not a bad idea!

kudos is hardly something to fret about, and if posts start getting it purely for not getting it then the whole scheme is devalued.
I agree with this. I also agree that kudos is nothing to fret about, but how many kudos a post gets is visible. The idea of negative kudos for bad info or habits has been definitely turned down. Very few regular users seem to kudos for less than exceptional effort. If staff gave kudos to the posts containing correct info, it would highlight the proper info on threads where we end up with a split of yes/no answers (and it starts to get silly sometimes as people insist on posting rubbish).
big cheese
It's a thoughtful idea but reality is it could put the staff in an difficult position as kudos is subjective.

I think they have done this in the past. It might be a bit reduced as they become more busy and don't read all the posts.

The only issue I can see is members pestering eds for kudos - it is a nice idea but how it will work in practice.
It's a nice idea...but Der will b issues if one post is given Kudos n others haven't

The Ed's do already award kudos within the forums, but not to the extent that this idea seems to request.

Even though kudos is merely a way of saying thanks, we would end up with certain members complaining of favouritism if too many are given to what could be seen as the "select few" ....


At the minute, it might be said that it isn't done as much as some would like, but there are far more important things to be concentrated on within the systems and other ongoing sagas, and this is where the focus of the Ed's should remain in my view.


For these reasons, I'm afraid I can't support this idea, sorry.


rocket scientist
good idea, but i agree with pink
Firstly I never said kudos was anything to fret about! Secondly please note I have surgursted kudos to be awarded to the threads where no one has received any kudos at all! So the educators should kindly award the deserving members kudos!