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Kudos awarded to posts from the gg staff

Kudos awarded to posts from the gg staff

Just a little idea that I hope isnt a late night crazy idea that I will regret later lol.

My idea is for the eductors while they are keeping an eye on the forum if they could kudos posts they feel should have been awarded kudos! There must be many threads that have not been awarded any kudos due to the op being unaware that they can award kudos.

I thought this might be just a nice thing to happen that would cheer up all the kudos hungry members Smiley Wink
The educators sometimes accept solutions on behalf of the OP. So I see why they can't do the same with kudos.
It's only for the threads where no one has received kudos! I assumed we can trust the educators to not pick favourites and for giffgaffers not to beg for kudos!
Thanks everyone!
head honcho

idea is good and I can see where you are coming from, just think that the current system of the Kudos system is more than adequante right now and does not really need any inovations. rather I think there are other aspects that giffgaff needs to pay attention to and that this is rather minor in my perspective

Totally agree there are far bigger issues! But as this is so easy to do its not a big fuss to actually apply it Smiley Wink

I've had a few kudos awarded by staff... and the occasional solution too (as drlatheef pointed out).

so basically this already happens... I do think that as the forum expands the Ed's  will have less & less time to look at the boards unless threads / posts are reported for whatever reason.

I have never ever seen a staff member kudosing posts because the op hasnt kudos anyone in thread. Which was what this idea is about Smiley Wink And sadly only seen staff members mark their own post the solution lol

Hi mgb2,


I have accepted one of your replies as the solution =)


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Anthony C

Good to know Smiley Wink but not the point of this thread
Great idea here - I think this would work a treat