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Limit time span of default search results.

Limit time span of default search results.

Although the forum search results are supposedly sorted by relevance, many searches return old and out of date threads ahead of more recent ones.


The current search options are "one day", "one week", "one month", "one year" and "all", with "all" as the default option.


Many searches also return an overwhelming number of results. Large result sets are truncated at 1000 entries.


It may also be useful to add additional options such as "two weeks", "three months" and "six months".


Perhaps the search settings could be adjusted to make "one year", or perhaps "six months", the default time span?

It might be that the intervals available are set by Lithium, the template that hosts the community, rather than being something that the Community Team can set - although I may be wrong on that one Smiley Happy I agree that the search results need to be improved as many of them are inaccurate or irrelevant now, but in the past couple of months Hazel asked for our help to fill out a spreadsheet about them so it may be being improved as we speak! I'll support this idea anyway, on the basis that the search results could do to be improved

Exactly one year from now, on 26 June 2015, the way that calls to 084, 087 and 09 numbers are charged will undergo radical changes. At that point, several thousand threads discussing pricing of those calls will become completely irrelevant. I'd like to think the other discussion going on about archiving older topics will have reached a conclusion and been implemented by then.

The worst of this impact would be avoided if the search was changed to default to knowledge base responses for first 5 results.
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Needs a warning box at the top of threads after a certain time period that boldly states This thread is really old and anything in it might be out of date and wrong by now.
Some old threads are still totally relevant, but most of the time you are after information that can get dated. I would have thought that the default should be 6 months.
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This idea really should be implemented. Members are still posting replies advising the 2020 text to install internet settings, presumably because they're new to the network and find the advice when doing a search.

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