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Link identifying cookie

Link identifying cookie

Any chance giffgaff could place an identifying cookie on our SIM order pages?


For instance if someone uses my link and then browses the main site and then orders a SIM, the order is not linked to my payback, I would lose out even though it were me who invited them here.

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Sounds like something that could really benefit our MGM'ers Smiley Happy

ace of spades

Interesting idea, I will support it.  But I'd imagine that clicking on someone else's affiliate link whilst your cookie is active would still order from that someone else rather than yourself?


Or instead could giffgaff implement a referall payback reward, eg 100 or 200 points if you referred them to the site and they then ordered a SIM from someone else's affiliate link?


I know that if you click on any members link whilst logged in you get diverted to your own personal SIM request page rather than the members SIM order URL. i.e.


Obviously some kind of cookie is in action that would stop you going to any other members order page, surely for someone who was not logged in (basically a new non-gg customer) a similar cookie redirecting them to the original referring members URL would be feasable?

I see no reason why it wouldn't be possible to have a session cookie that would achieve what you want for most vistors (except those blocking cookies, of course).



Supported! Smiley Happy

I would support this Idea :-D
giffgaff; ergo sum
Not sure how it works but I support your idea
whatever I said...



Just hope there's a way giffgaff can implement this as it would  help to promote giffgaff (and us recruitersSmiley Wink)


Sounds good to me, great idea, I certainly support it.

Yeah I support this great idea