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List Activation Codes and Activated SIMs under My Recruits

Status: Not For Us
by headcell ‎08-03-2011 22:28

In the My Recruits section of my account, I would like to see an option to see a list of the Activation Codes of the SIMs I have ordered together with the 'status' of the SIM cards, the date they were activated, and the number of points the activation has earned me.


For example:


A2NTLZ - Activated 24/02/2011 - 500 points

A2NYHU - Activated 27/02/2011 - 200 points

A2NTMD - Not Activated

A3XKHJ - Not activated



Status: Not For Us
Please see below comments Smiley Happy
Well I don't really see how this is benefitional it's up to giffgaff really doesn't really bother me to be honest
That would be hard, because when an order is placed theirs no sim, the sim is chosen later before being sent

It would also not be suitable as it would mean that you will have the power to activate the SIMs yourself. Some people may abuse this or mess around with this system causing frustration for some people who ordered SIMs.


I know it's a really stupid thing for people to do as they'll lose from it rather than gain, but people these days, they do very weird things! Smiley Tongue

marvel andy0 marvel

Most of that information is already there - all except the activation code, which as pointed out above can't be indexed to the order anyway, and there's no reason to give them to the referrer either


The activation codes are supposed to be linked to our accounts, so showing the codes should not be a major issue. The codes have to be linked to accounts BEFORE they are sent, otherwise there is no way of knowing who to give points to.


If you receive the incorrect SIMs, as happened to me, then knowing what the correct Activation Codes are will help iron out any problems.


You can activate the SIMs yourself already - just create another account and activate. Quite pointless, really, but I'm sure someone will be doing it already.

marvel andy0 marvel

Ok, I misworded that a bit, and you're of course right about the tracking. But even so I don't think there's a strong reason to give the code.


"If you receive the incorrect SIMs, as happened to me, then knowing what the correct Activation Codes are will help iron out any problems."


This is precisely the point.


 I've had this same problem of the activation code of a SIM posted to me, which was then activated, but did not show as a recruit on my account.


WHO KNOWS how many screw ups like this are going on? where people have handed out hundreds of SIMS but get no credit for many new recruits because the codes are not correctly correlated to their accounts. And somebody else gets the credits!


This needs IMMEDIATE management attention as it's been going on for certainly months and beyond that who knows how long.


It destroys the credibility of the payback system, and confidence in GIFFGAFF by its members who expect that when they are told they will enjoy the fruits of their efforts to promote the network, they do indeed get 100% PAYBACK for what they've done.


Listing the activation codes of SIMS you have been sent, on the 'details of your orders & recruits' page shows you what giffgaff believes you have been issued with. If this is wrong you can advise them.


That is not too much to ask for.


i don't like it to be honest, you got your £5, what else do you need?


"i don't like it to be honest, you got your £5, what else do you need?"


Subasht, are we on the same problem here? If the SIM cards activation codes aren't tagged to your account, you haven't got your £5 !!  You don't even know the SIM was activated. Unless, like me you personally set up an account for a friend.


This is a serious accounting problem. There is a lot of good faith, time and effort being invested by members to promote giffgaff for the common public good, and fundamental systemic failures like this to 'pay them back' do not inspire confidence.


I think this idea would be incredibly useful! Smiley Very Happy (almost posted it myself before searching!)

Its a similar idea to jamesd2010 (  Smiley Happy


This idea really needs more attention! Smiley Very Happy