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Live chat

I'm not sure if this idea has been submitted, but I think it would be good if there was a live chat where members can chat to each other. Maybe in an app form, using our usernames. Chat about anything or if we have a problem and don't wish to wait till an agent replies, we could use the live chat app to ask fellow giffgaffers. 



but its already possible on the forum, some members even chat outside the forum. a live chat system would require more moderation and constant moderation. it has been suggested before and is usually deemed not for us im afraid
Hi GiffGaff Facebook No work

I'm new to Giffgaff so still learning the ropes so to speak, but thanks Smiley Happy



I would say less demand then cost for this idea but who knows !

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Lend your support to this idea -


although giffgaff have said its not for us, and I doubt they'll change there minds sorry

top cat
top cat

"Status: Not for us

Hi all, we've decided not to implement an 'official' giffgaff user chat as there is no way for us to measure helpful participation, which defeats the purpose of having a payback points system. There is also no way to moderate the content, and many other loop holes which will not outway the benefit of having this feature."

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Dont think is a need tbh anyway We chat on the forum by pm.and outside gg

A live chat will cause things to become complicated. Things can't be documented or linked too as easily as a community forum board and things will move too fast for all members to be able to keep up with.

I put giffgaff sim in my Sony so and it wont let ne ring topup line keeps saying call ended can anyone help