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Lock posts once the solution has been found?

Lock posts once the solution has been found?

Wouldn't it not be a good idea to automatically lock posts where a solution has been found? 


been mentioned loads of times. it would stop alot of posts being bought back up again. 


Would it need to be brought back up again? things such as personal problems? or maybe if you could have the option to lock it yourself


That would help as it would mean they can choose as sometimes you get more detail of help of some people later on 


I think there sould be an option to lock it yourself, lately theres been alot of old posts been commented on by greedy giffgaffers who feel the need to comment on topics from months ago in some cases just to try earn a few extra points.


So I'm all for the locking a topic once a solution has been found.

Yeah! Smiley Happy


This has been suggested and debated many times before. There are many arguments against this (have a search), the main one being the frequency of wrong answers that the OP can't always be aware of when accepting the solution (e.g. "what will I be charged for a call when I go to France?")

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Sometimes the solution may not be the right answer, people would abuse it until the ability to not be able to solve your own posts was rolled in.

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