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Longer lasting goodybags

Status: Idea Vault
by tariq on ‎31-08-2010 12:59

Not really sure if this could work but its just an idea, this month I forgot to top up and so lost my £10 goodybag and now I have to buy it again Smiley Sad for me it would be a lot easier to pay more for a goodybag that lasts more than 1 month eg a 3 month goodybag, would this be possible?

by tonyneast
on ‎31-08-2010 13:10

i think its a good idea tariq. giffgaff are different to the rest of the 'providers' and should continue to offer the best deals to its community.

by mhoobag1 scholar
on ‎31-08-2010 13:26

But you can que 2 goodybags.. 

by brradley
on ‎31-08-2010 19:23
Already suggested/not suitable.
by vincent
on ‎07-09-2010 10:57

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