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Low cost 4G goodybag is needed.

Low cost 4G goodybag is needed.

Hi Everyone.  I have search the ideas posted on here about the 4G goodybags, and several are either totally out of date, or refer to unlimited data etc. etc.  This idea is slightly different, so please let me know if I've missed seeing it elsewhere.


Where I live, I have very little signal in my house at all, but if I step outside I have a usable 4G signal.  There is NO 3G anywhere near where I live, without 4G the best I can get is E (edge) or more usually just a plain phone signal with, I assume,  GPRS data.  This I understand is due to the banding arrangements, with 4G now available on 800MHz, while all the other G's are on higher frequencies with lower range, and lower building penetration.


I'm a low user.  I currently run my phone on PAYG, and only buy a goodybag when I leave the wifi behind for a few days away in the caravan.  Frequently, in the caravan, I'm in some remote field and the signal situation is just the same as being at home.  i.e. A very thin signal and lucky if I get any data, but 4G is more likely than 3G.


Since I first tried a £12 4G goodybag on my trip away in March, I've been able to get 4G both at home (at a first floor window or outside) and in some other places when I'm out and about.  In the whole of March, I used only 160MB of data, and 8 minutes calls (other than GG ones).   If I buy any 3G goodybag now, I understand that I will then lose my 4G connection, and revert the phone to a 3G crippled version.


Today, the £5 Hokey Cokey and the £7.50 goodybags have had a boost:

"In a nutshell we’ll be doubling the data on £7.50 from 250mb to 500mb and increasing the minutes from 200mins to 250mins.  Plus on the £5 Hokey Cokey we’ll be increasing the data from 20mb to 100mb and the minutes from 60mins to 100mins.

Hooray I say!  But this can't help me in the least.  I can't buy a Hokey Cokey or £7.50 goodybag, without ruining the one feature I bought a 4G phone for.


I think that forcing me to purchase another £12 goodybag, when all I want is a 100MB or so of data, is similar to blackmail.




Maybe a Goodybag that worked for a week would be useful?


Well, mattandlottie  £10 a month for non BT Broadband homes for one.  Also, they don't have any PAYG plans, although I agree the 500MB £5/m plan would suit me, and 12 month contract is better than those others that want 18 or 24 months.  The coverage chart seems confused about whether there is 4G coverage where I live, it comes and goes according to scale of the map!  I had a T-Mobile SIM which got virtually no signal at the house, much weaker than O2/GG. 

I'll not gamble there then.


I was just trying emphasise the fact that BT is offering 4G with a relatively small amount of data. Something not currently available with gg.


To keep customers you have to stay ahead of the competition and BT has shown it is willing to offer deals to not only keep, but gain customers, just look at how it is competing with Sky now especially with gaining Premiership football rights.


So I think for gg to remain, in my opinion, at the front of the pack it needs to keep ahead of the competition and a deal similar to the BT 500mb 4G would be a welcome addition.


Why can't we keep things simple and just have one set of goodybags for both 3G and 4G? Why does this have to be so complicated?


Even better, just charge 1p/MB for data, like Three does. Please keep things simple.