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Low cost 4G goodybag is needed.

Low cost 4G goodybag is needed.

Hi Everyone.  I have search the ideas posted on here about the 4G goodybags, and several are either totally out of date, or refer to unlimited data etc. etc.  This idea is slightly different, so please let me know if I've missed seeing it elsewhere.


Where I live, I have very little signal in my house at all, but if I step outside I have a usable 4G signal.  There is NO 3G anywhere near where I live, without 4G the best I can get is E (edge) or more usually just a plain phone signal with, I assume,  GPRS data.  This I understand is due to the banding arrangements, with 4G now available on 800MHz, while all the other G's are on higher frequencies with lower range, and lower building penetration.


I'm a low user.  I currently run my phone on PAYG, and only buy a goodybag when I leave the wifi behind for a few days away in the caravan.  Frequently, in the caravan, I'm in some remote field and the signal situation is just the same as being at home.  i.e. A very thin signal and lucky if I get any data, but 4G is more likely than 3G.


Since I first tried a £12 4G goodybag on my trip away in March, I've been able to get 4G both at home (at a first floor window or outside) and in some other places when I'm out and about.  In the whole of March, I used only 160MB of data, and 8 minutes calls (other than GG ones).   If I buy any 3G goodybag now, I understand that I will then lose my 4G connection, and revert the phone to a 3G crippled version.


Today, the £5 Hokey Cokey and the £7.50 goodybags have had a boost:

"In a nutshell we’ll be doubling the data on £7.50 from 250mb to 500mb and increasing the minutes from 200mins to 250mins.  Plus on the £5 Hokey Cokey we’ll be increasing the data from 20mb to 100mb and the minutes from 60mins to 100mins.

Hooray I say!  But this can't help me in the least.  I can't buy a Hokey Cokey or £7.50 goodybag, without ruining the one feature I bought a 4G phone for.


I think that forcing me to purchase another £12 goodybag, when all I want is a 100MB or so of data, is similar to blackmail.




Hey shanemt

Just curious.  Which bit of this did you find is so funny?



@xollobru  Thanks xollobru  Yes.  If you read those threads you will see me as a supporter of the £8 goodybag idea, and my comment of why I didn't support the 'No extra cost' idea, which I think is just too much to ask for.


I still think my less specific idea is different to those, and has better arguments for it.


Thanks for checking on me though, I also think there are too many duplicates in the "New Ideas" board.


everyone come back to 3g, and do it cheapper again

good old times




What are you proposing that this 4G goodybag should contain and at what price?


Hi   xollobru


Really, that would be for Giffgaff to decide, based on their business case.  I don't know what extra costs the 4G system imposes on them, seeing that most other service providers give it away for free.  I would suggest a good starting bid would be the same allowances as the new ones on the £5 Hokey Cokey, but including 4G for an extra - what?  50p?, £1?

I would buy the 4G Hokey Cokey at £6 quite happily, and that would halve the cost of the current cheapest 4G package.  Remember, if you exceed your data allowance on any goodybag, then the data gets charged for as if you were PAYG but at a reduced rate.  That would be fine by me, and I would be very tempted to allow a Hokey Cokey to recur automatically.

They could also do the 4G version of the £7-50 goodybag at a 50p or even £1 more, and I might buy that for when I go away, hence my support for the £8 4G goodybag you referred to. 


The point I'm trying to make is that low users with a 4G phone are being heavily descriminated against, as if the only reason to have a 4G phone is to eat lots more data!  That's not what it is about for me, and I suspect not for many others.

I don't know if this is everywhere, but Vodafone and O2 in my area are 2G only networks. However, theft hand both recently upgraded some villages to 4G - forcing anyone who wants to use data whilst out and about to buy a 4G handset and data plan. It does feel like some communities are being held to ransom by the networks bypassing 3G and generating revenue from selling premium 4G. Therefore, it would be great if giffgaff said "ok, you can have 500MB of 4G data in a Goodybag".
* theft = they Damn you autocorrect!

BT Mobile


500mb 4G data

200 Talk minutes

Unlimited Texts

£5 per month for 12 months.


Convince me to stay with GG