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Low credit warning

Low credit warning

It would be good to have a voice prompt of a low credit (User configurable on the "My Giffgaff" page) when calling out, so when you have, say £2 of credit (Or whatever the user has set), when you try and make a call "Just so you know, your calling credit is getting a bit low, you only have £2 (Current balance) left, Just dial "Whatever" to top-up, whenever you are ready"


At the moment you get a pop-up message about your balance after each call or text.


Some people would like the option to disable this, but if it eventually becomes optional then leaving it on would fulfil this function anyway.


I suspect a pre-call announcement as described would risk annoying some people even more. As a perhaps more extreme example, I know someone who would rather pay 20 or 50 pence a minute for certain international calls than use a callthrough service at a penny or two and have to tolerate announcements like please wait or connecting for a few seconds


Would be good if you could controlle this in your giffgaff part of the account ??? Any one elce think the same e?

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Status changed to: We’re Looking Into It
We would like more feedback to see if this is a feature people would like to see implemented.

Love the idea.


Sorry I dont like the idea. I already receive a message at the end of every call that I would love to switch off as it annoys me.  I know how to get my balance if needed and I dont need constant reminders like a little child.   All I want to do sometimes is make a very very quick call and not have to sit through announcements.


ohhh, this would drive me up the wall!!   Smiley Tongue


definately agree with toby, in that it should be optional 


I used to have this o2 and found it annoying!


This would be very annoying. If this does get implemented please have an option to turn it off. There is no reason for this anyway because you can turn auto top up on to make sure your not without credit or not cut off on an important phone call.


Like on O2, when your ringing out and your balance is under whatever it says "Your balance is low" quite usefull I think, maybe GiffGaff should install it to their systems?


I really like the idea, t-mobile have a similar system, its more like what I have explained on


It does not have a voice over saying that your low on credit, instead you get a message, this option could be added to the "Balance notification" sections, check the link for more detail.