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Loyalty Bonus

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Loyalty Bonus

As we all know the mobile market is really competitive.


To ensure GiffGaff retention how about a yearly loyalty bonus paid on the anniversary of joining.


It could work out that each member gets 5% back on what they have spent.


i.e. yearly spend £100 so the member gets £5 back.


It could be paid like the payback.


This way it encourages people to stay all the yera and also the more they spend the bigger payback they get back.....

You have got more chance of knitting fog.

As they always say if you dont ask u dont get lol




lets hope it gets up to 10 kudos to at least be looked at lol


Payback that is received every 6 months is retention enough don't you think??


Other networks give nothing so gg is already head and shoulder above the rest in this regard.


sheez .... some people are never satisfied ...


I know that orange and o2 do things like this, but let's face facts here, i've got over £200 of payback coming to me when they next pay out, no chance id get anywhere near that with other networks.


I kind of think your loyalty is rewarded for using the community enough.


but there will be some mebers who dont have time or dont want to use the community. Probably the ones who are more likely to leave and move around in search of other offers....


The tarrifs on their own are better value than other offers .... the payback facility is widely advertised, as well as the member's own referral links for gaining payback via recruiting.


At the end of the day, there will always be people who think that the grass is greener on the other side ..... trouble is when they get to the other side .... the grass looks greener on the other side Smiley Tongue


If they're gonna leave, then they're gonna leave...giffgaff isn't (and doesn't profess to be) for everyone.


edit>>>> spelling


good point................... was just an idea  :-)


people would still leave right after getting the bonus the same as i've seen people leave right after payback time as if they have waited to go.

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We've already implemented several ways in which to earn bonus. One is by participating in the community. Two is by sending out emails to your friends, recommending giffgaff. And three is by giving a sim to your friends and getting them to sign up as well. At the moment, we feel this is sufficient.

I ate the FAQ

@lisafone if you could please search before posting ideas it would be helpful as many ideas have already been thought of before  Smiley Happy


If you need further help on this then a read of this guide should be useful.