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MGM Flyers – Perforated ‘Tear & Share’.

MGM Flyers – Perforated ‘Tear & Share’.

Hi all,


When you’ve ordered SIM cards from giffgaff to share with friends, you may have received the new flyers that you can share with your friends. They’re great – But there’s one issue that could be affecting the business model: Presentation.


The issue:

When you receive the SIM pack, you’re asked to cut the flyer in half with scissors to share with your friends. And there’s your problem – Cutting. Unless you have a guillotine in the house hold, you’ll never be dead straight. As a result of this, it makes sharing the flyers with friends look a bit poor. Nothing says join giffgaff like a messy first impression, right? How would you feel if you wanted to join giffgaff and got this through the post?





The proposal:

The solution is actually very simple – Cut out the middle man, i.e. cutting the flyer yourself. This is where I propose giffgaff use a ‘tear and share’ system. For those of you that know about perforated cutting – It’s where a machine comes along and punches lines in the paper to make it tear-able. Like your notepad that allows you to pull pages out easily? I feel by using this same technique – It will give giffgaff the look and first impression they deserve.


Show me more:

Graze – (a business dedicated to delivering healthy snacks) use this method for grabbing new recruits and it works very well, see below:




As you can see they use small tear and share methods so I can share this with friends. This could easily be implemented with giffgaff’s flyers by adding a perforated line here:





The main advantages of this idea are the following:


  • Much more professional first impression
  • More efficient for members to spread the flyers
  • Flyers can still be produced in bulk –  Only one more stage is added to the printing process
  • More customers – Due to the ‘tacky’ first impression being eliminated.

Thank you for reading this idea, your support and comments are greatly appreciated.




I think the image used is a little over the top.




Of course it is - It's an example. I've seen worse, but it was to show the issue and get it noticed. Do you have any comments on the actual idea?

Bitgeek you do seem overly negative on ideas today! Bad day?
James I was thinking about this just the other day, but didn't get round to posting the idea! So kudos and I hope this is implemented!

Thanks for the support, Ryan! Smiley Happy

gud idea

so well laid out and explained


bet they have already printed half a forests worth of the current ones.

Also let people opt out of receiving them altogether to cut down on waste!

I actually own a guillotine but I still agree with the idea. It would be much simpler and quicker.