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MGM Flyers – Perforated ‘Tear & Share’.

MGM Flyers – Perforated ‘Tear & Share’.

Hi all,


When you’ve ordered SIM cards from giffgaff to share with friends, you may have received the new flyers that you can share with your friends. They’re great – But there’s one issue that could be affecting the business model: Presentation.


The issue:

When you receive the SIM pack, you’re asked to cut the flyer in half with scissors to share with your friends. And there’s your problem – Cutting. Unless you have a guillotine in the house hold, you’ll never be dead straight. As a result of this, it makes sharing the flyers with friends look a bit poor. Nothing says join giffgaff like a messy first impression, right? How would you feel if you wanted to join giffgaff and got this through the post?





The proposal:

The solution is actually very simple – Cut out the middle man, i.e. cutting the flyer yourself. This is where I propose giffgaff use a ‘tear and share’ system. For those of you that know about perforated cutting – It’s where a machine comes along and punches lines in the paper to make it tear-able. Like your notepad that allows you to pull pages out easily? I feel by using this same technique – It will give giffgaff the look and first impression they deserve.


Show me more:

Graze – (a business dedicated to delivering healthy snacks) use this method for grabbing new recruits and it works very well, see below:




As you can see they use small tear and share methods so I can share this with friends. This could easily be implemented with giffgaff’s flyers by adding a perforated line here:





The main advantages of this idea are the following:


  • Much more professional first impression
  • More efficient for members to spread the flyers
  • Flyers can still be produced in bulk –  Only one more stage is added to the printing process
  • More customers – Due to the ‘tacky’ first impression being eliminated.

Thank you for reading this idea, your support and comments are greatly appreciated.






I can imagine the cost would be minimal due to the amount giffgaff order, It's likely the suppliers of the leaflets would already have this machine and so the cost per flyer would rise in a very small increment that's hardly noticeable.

I really like this idea! But I have to admit I don't cut along the scissor lines as you can see it on the edges I cut a little bit below it on the next line. And I am just not too sure what the edge would be like with tear option and people could tear more then they wanted. You would still need to get the scissors. In principle if it looks nicer then I am up for it!



I do exactly the same as you actually! Smiley Tongue If they got rid of the text then you could just tear without seeing the text too.

Smiley Wink I think getting rid of the text would be a good idea !

Why do we need the top half of the flyer at all.? I'd prefer if it came without it, that way I wouldnt need to cut it.  Personally I prefered the little paper wallets that the sim cards used to come in.




We don't need it, but newbies do - Two different types of packaging would be more expensive than just sending the same to everyone I'm afraid.


Nice idea yet again James Smiley Very Happy By the way I've signed up for graze using one of your codes if that's OK Smiley Tongue

head honcho

Its a good idea and you points make sence just wonder how much it would cost to set this up ?


I don't think we need the part where they ask to rip off. Waste of papers

Also already stated in this thread new ones would like the other part