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MGM Flyers – Perforated ‘Tear & Share’.

Status: Under Consideration
by jamesd2010 on ‎26-02-2012 12:53

Hi all,


When you’ve ordered SIM cards from giffgaff to share with friends, you may have received the new flyers that you can share with your friends. They’re great – But there’s one issue that could be affecting the business model: Presentation.


The issue:

When you receive the SIM pack, you’re asked to cut the flyer in half with scissors to share with your friends. And there’s your problem – Cutting. Unless you have a guillotine in the house hold, you’ll never be dead straight. As a result of this, it makes sharing the flyers with friends look a bit poor. Nothing says join giffgaff like a messy first impression, right? How would you feel if you wanted to join giffgaff and got this through the post?




The proposal:

The solution is actually very simple – Cut out the middle man, i.e. cutting the flyer yourself. This is where I propose giffgaff use a ‘tear and share’ system. For those of you that know about perforated cutting – It’s where a machine comes along and punches lines in the paper to make it tear-able. Like your notepad that allows you to pull pages out easily? I feel by using this same technique – It will give giffgaff the look and first impression they deserve.


Show me more:

Graze – (a business dedicated to delivering healthy snacks) use this method for grabbing new recruits and it works very well, see below:



As you can see they use small tear and share methods so I can share this with friends. This could easily be implemented with giffgaff’s flyers by adding a perforated line here:




The main advantages of this idea are the following:


  • Much more professional first impression
  • More efficient for members to spread the flyers
  • Flyers can still be produced in bulk –  Only one more stage is added to the printing process
  • More customers – Due to the ‘tacky’ first impression being eliminated.

Thank you for reading this idea, your support and comments are greatly appreciated.



Status: Under Consideration
Hi! We're still excited to do this idea, but it's not quite in the routemaster at the moment - when it is, we'll update this idea to 'Coming Soon', have a nice day and thank you for contributing to the Ideas Board!
by jamesd2010
on ‎27-02-2012 19:18

Thank you for all the support so far everyone! Smiley Happy

by turkeyphant
on ‎27-02-2012 20:33
I always use a guillotine or just scissors.
by aaronjlaw
on ‎27-02-2012 20:41

A very good idea but may cost a bit too much to implement right now?

by icklesimba
on ‎28-02-2012 00:11

Looks good to me...


Kudos given...

by othalian
on ‎28-02-2012 05:23

Your scissors a too small which is why you are cutting in small sections. Also you should never cut to the tip of the scissor blade when cutting a large sheet of paper as it affects the paper but rather cut to within half an inch of the tip, it makes for a much better cut.


How do I know all this. Because I am a professional Painter and Decorator. So go out and buy yourself a set of shears and they will do the job in one.


Good luck

by kelvinlewis
on ‎28-02-2012 05:36

Thumbs up to the idea and it might not even cost a penny to implement.


by turkeyphant
on ‎28-02-2012 09:46
Why not just make the flyers cut in the first place? Or get rid of the top completely? Will save cash that way.
by jamesd2010
on ‎28-02-2012 09:56

As explained in this thread Turkeyphant, newbies still exist and shouldn't be expected to know what to do, so I feel we should keep the top

by megadieftw
on ‎28-02-2012 17:57

Very simple and a good idea, however, if it's too expensive to replace the printing machines with ones that can prepare paper for perforation then it's not worth it.


I think that the thing to bear in mind is that the people who recieve these notes and sims will not be strangers to the sender, they will know them so as it's personal the fact it may not look as porfessional shouldn't be an issue. These shouldn't be sent to random people because unsolicited junk mail is much more of an issue with losing prospective custom.

by shrewroo
on ‎29-02-2012 10:25

To be fair, this is a cracking idea, providing the cost increase isn't prohibitive.   Good thinking James.


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