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Make Irrelevant Response link available to OP of a thread

Make Irrelevant Response link available to OP of a thread

As well as the accepted solution link could a link be added for irrelevant responses so the OP can mark the 'i must post anything' responses as irrelevant?


While I have no problem with and also contribute to taking threads off topic on forums, it seem there are a number of people who don't even bother reading the posters question before responding with completely pointless, irrelevant or idiotic suggestions.


Maybe it's a points for contribution thing, maybe they're just post junkies, maybe they just can't bear not having their name on any thread thats posted. I've no idea, but it significantly reduces the usefulness of answers and makes it difficult for people to get appropriate help.


It also turns what could be nice short questions and answers with useful solutions into multiple pages of useless drivel.


I did try seaching but couldn't find anything. I'll mark my interest in the linked suggestion.


The biggest problem I see from past experience running and moderating forums is new users take Post Count as a guide for knowledge.


Many of the responses from some of the high count offenders will just lead to frustration for the OP as they do nothing to help them.