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Make giffgaff website accessible to the blind: Mobile site as accessible option

Make giffgaff website accessible to the blind: Mobile site as accessible option

I know accessibility of giffgaff's website has been raised before, however this idea differs from those as it intends to try and make an accessible option available quicker as it uses some existing stuff. Also it differs from just saying, something needs improving but rather makes specific suggestions of what could be done.

On recently joining giffgaff, I was appalled at how inaccessible the process was to me as a blind person relying on a screen reader to access the computer, the process is impossible for me to complete independently. Its so bad as an experience that I nearly decided to not bother in activating the SIM on principle and find another provider who may be more welcoming to a disabled person even if their rates are higher than giffgaff. I will review the situation again when my credit runs down, depending on if action is taken to improve things or if the quality of service is something special or just a mediocre service. Back to the suggestion as something needs to be done.

The main areas of issue in activating for me as a blind person was getting the six digit code read from the card and more concerningly the page for selecting top up amount. The six digit code I have ideas for but will need to consider them more fully and is sort of foreseeable anyway. This suggestion deals with the top up page issue as giffgaff actually has the technology available to make this accessible, they just haven't joined up the dots. Also it would make future top ups accessible in the future and needs even fewer dots joining up.

The solution: The accessibility problems lie in the main giffgaff website, it simply is not possible to use the keyboard to select a top up amount using the keyboard. However once one has an active SIM then one can use the mobile giffgaff website ( ) to top up by card payment and the mobile version is accessible to screen reader users, like me. My suggestion has two parts:

  • giffgaff should have a link on the main website for accessibility which takes the user to a page describing ways in which giffgaff's website can be made more accessible, or may be it could just be a link named "Accessible/mobile version" which just takes one to the mobile version of the website. Such a link may be found in the footer of every page. This part of the suggestion would make it easier for those using screen readers to find a more accessible version.

  • The second part of the suggestion requires more work. Unfortunately the mobile website does not actually have the feature for activating the SIM, so the suggestion is either the mobile website is extended to support SIM activation or as its just the top up part of the activation process (as far as the website technology goes) the user can opt to see the mobile version for that step if they use a screen reader.

    The first option for extending the features of the mobile site certinly would require some work, not so sure on the second option of making the mobile site a option for just the top up stage (IE. whether things would need tracking through that step which the mobile site currently cannot track).

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I can't comment on the feasibility of your suggestion as I don't understand the process but I certainly support it, it's time all companies did more to comply with the DDA
Extremely well explained idea there is a thread relating to the exact problem on the best way forward in contribute which will lead to a fully fleged idea if u wish to contribute and add your valued opinion >>>
Thanks to solid247 for the link, put some comments there.
Thats good to hear , i hope u get a better service using that Smiley Happy
This is a really wonderful idea and gg should implement quick!! Would love to hear your ideas for the activation code too .. Only one idea for that pops in my mind. Gg loves to be seen as the caring network that includes and welcomes everyone to the forum so they should get it up and running soon!!

For someone who wants Giffgaff to be more appealing to those with limited sight you don't make your post very user friendly for those of use fortunate to have pretty good sight. I gave up after the third line.


Can I suggest you add at least some paragraphs to make it easier on the eyes and slighty larger text if you are worried about the reader experience. That would then help the majority of users with those types of problems.

@othalian even if you put in paragraphs using mobile phones and dome other devices they dont show when the post is posted, and she's clearly stated that she can't use the desktop version as its inaccessible to her! I managed to read it fine.

@othalian Thanks for pointing out the paragraph issue, may be a slight oversight on my side. However as I cannot see and rely on screenreader software I cannot make any judgment on what font is readable and your post didn't help either in making a decision on font. I simply figure with font, as most web browsers allow some configuration of fonts and such used then it is most polite to just go with the default and let readers choose the font in the browser.

Crazy how we take so much for granted.. Absolutely no idea how it could be done, but its obvious, if it CAN be done, it SHOULD be done.. That £10k would've probably covered it too.. ..another accidental 7hrs out giffgaff??? Smiley Wink haha Kudos given Smiley Happy

Kudo'd for the thread title.  Didn't persevere with reading the block of text.  Sorry! Smiley Embarassed