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Make gigabags and tethering clearer on the "our offer" page for prospective giffgaffers.

Status: Not For Us
by megadieftw ‎28-10-2011 00:52 - edited ‎01-11-2011 00:31

Basically when you see this page and you're new enough that you're still trying to work out your giff from your gaff, you may see the gigabags and think great, really great value, but then you see the goodybags and you suddenly see unlimited internet for £10 and you suddenly think, hold the phone, £12 for 3GB and £10 for unlimited?? Why would I need a gigabag unless I wanted to spend less than a tenner?


I propose simply to clear up any initial confusion you add a little footnote, on the page above. Because obviously the prospective giffgaffer can then go on to read the t&cs on the more about goodybags but it's a pain to think great, unlimited for a tenner, then read t&cs and see that you can't tether and think, hmm, maybe they were leading me on a bit, as it's buried in the t&c's and not clear up front.


For example:





We all know what gigabags are for, because we're giffgaffers and know our gaff from our giff. But if you're thinking about joining it may not immediately be apparent they're there because we can't tether with goodybags.


Just a thought (didn't find a duplicate).


What do you guys think Smiley Happy


EDIT: Explained very concisely by stephenmiller:


I can see confusion when I read on the gigabags


Perfect for tablet PC and heavy data use. Get a gigabag from £5 a month


If I wasn't aware I'd think "hang on, surely for heavy data use unlimited internet is better than 500MB?"


Latest addition to the idea:


Also think that what constitutes "heavy data usage" should be explained more clearly, with an example. So two little help windows with "High data use" and "tethering" explained with examples. New members keep getting confused by this, which is generating a pool of negative feeling and frustration.

Status: Not For Us
We don't receive many cases where members are confused by this, so we're not inclinded to implement this Idea - The pages have changed with a very clear, "Tethering is not permitted on X goodybag." Which seems to be working, Kind regards, Hazel.
by hamzee211 on ‎28-10-2011 00:54
it is clear isn't it that why on one it says goody bags and the other option says data plan
by hamzee211 on ‎28-10-2011 00:56
And also it tells you to view the gigabags for tethring
by megadieftw on ‎28-10-2011 00:57

Maybe I'm being dense about it then I guess. I wasn't seeing it as a big issue. It was just like a little improvement, just in case people got confused.


Honestly it's probably not the biggest issue, but then it could be remidied really easily, so I wondered what everyone thought.


If you think it's pointless then that's cool Smiley Tongue because then at least I know haha.


Cheers for the feedback Smiley Happy

by drdigit on ‎28-10-2011 00:59

I think the answer pretty much explains it. I found it pretty straight forward. As in its only for mobile usage not including high data transmission like on normal wifis. 

by megadieftw on ‎28-10-2011 00:59

And well it's just for ease of use and clarity. Yes it may say that, but it sure as hell doesnt on the our offer page, and surely if you can get fundamental information across quicker cutting out as much time as possible, you would, right? Time is money. And time wasted working out what to buy is less chance of a successful purchase?


That was my line of thinking anyway.

by hamzee211 on ‎28-10-2011 01:00
but its my opinion maybe it is a needed improvement lets see what other Giffgaffers say Smiley Happy
by stephenmiller on ‎28-10-2011 01:00

I won't get involved in your argument too much but I can see confusion when I read on the gigabags


Perfect for tablet PC and heavy data use. Get a gigabag from £5 a month


If I wasn't aware I'd think "hang on, surely for heavy data use unlimited internet is better than 500MB?"

by megadieftw on ‎28-10-2011 01:02



Yeah that's exactly it, cheers for the clarification Smiley Happy

by megadieftw on ‎28-10-2011 01:05

Just to point out:


From the main offer page I followed the following logical links:


our offer -> more on goddybags -> more info (on any goodybag)


and so far at no point does it mention tethering. In fact on the more infor on a specific goodybag page it specifically bolds "truly unlimited" on the internet. So I do thin kthis is important to get clear from the first page actually.



by hamzee211 on ‎28-10-2011 01:05
I see what you mean now but on the goodybag picture it states that you need a gigabag for Dongles and stuff. yes they should make it more clearer

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