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Make the giffgaff website freely available (once giffgaff starts charging for internet).

Make the giffgaff website freely available (once giffgaff starts charging for internet).

Hi guys,


I think that the giffgaff website should be completely free for all who have a giffgaff SIM card as long as they have topped up within 90 days. :smileytongue:


This would be very benefical to the whole concept of online customer service and the giffgaff members helping members philosophy. :smileywink:




Ethani99. Smiley Happy Smiley Happy Smiley Happy


Oh and Kudos is a giff and gaff thing! Keep them coming..... Smiley Tongue


Couple of hopefully constructive points:


The current giffgaff site is difficult to use even with a superphone, my G1 does a decent job formatting the discussion thread but leaves me scrolling all over the place for almost every action. Cant imagine how a more modest phone copes. A mobile view of the site is desperately needed and filtering through mobile proxies at our end will break any free page accounting.


Learn from what '3' got right and wrong.

The right: their wap portal is free to use, lightweight and tries to alert users when they leave free pages (but fails a lot). The account management stuff is only lightly hidden behind the portal fluff.


The wrong: the site is only accessible over 2G/3G wireless, can't be reached on WiFi. At best this is a PIA when you're sitting in a WiFi spot, at worst ends up incurring data charges when you leave the site and forget to switch back to WiFi. I really want any giffgaff site to work regardless of how I connect to it, even if that makes making it work at your end harder.


Time to start programming Smiley Wink


I agree re current site - but also it isn't even very user-friendly on a PC.  I'd think it's down to basics of having Lithium as the platform.  "Time to start programming"  - yes that would be the way to go, but (assuming that this would be considered an option), what to use?  Personally I think there's a lot to be said for Drupal, but also I like Web2Py.  Either way, the CMS ought to be able to work with different templates optimised for different devices. 


Meanwhile it would be nice to have a wap home page which is free to access which also gives useful info (how to top up by text, and makes it easy to top up via page, see balance etc.) a 'WAP dashboard'. IMO the rest can wait - while WAP dashboard ought to be high priority. 


(BTW it would be nice to have option to display on dashboard upcoming planned outage notifications in your region - or 20km radius from your current location).

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Hi all, this idea is accepted and will be implemented as soon as we actually start charging for data Smiley Happy Cheers, Vincent

This would be very useful for many users so i am very much for it.


I'm in favour. Pity its unreadable using pocketie or skyfire on my Windows Smartphone.


get opera mini it displays the page just like on a computer.


@soldiers33: Opera however uses proxy servers and makes it hard to offer free access. So great if you're goodybagged up, a disaster for the few of us on PAYG.


Hey Vincent,

You said that you'd make free to us all as soon as you started charging for data, but that doesn't seem to have happened. Is it something that's in the process of happening, or have people forgotten, or is there something wrong with my phone?

Thanks. Smiley Wink


Why hasn't this happened yet after it was accepted?

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Status changed to: Implemented
Hi all, this has now been implemented. But please be aware that not all elements of the website of the community can be made free due to us not having full control over all the elements on our site or in the community. For more information, please look here: