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As some members are waithing to join and some are wanting to leave i think there should be a waiting list so every member who leaves a new member joins.


please kudos if you agree

As a microgaffer, I also think its a good idea to introduce more members to microgaff, even if no-one is leaving as it gives people a good pportunity to become more part of the giffgaff system. one thing I might worry about with this is quality control - the more members join, the harder it will be to regulate who isn't sending well cut sims, but I'm sure someone will think of a way of making sure it is up to standard, in which case I am all for it Smiley Happy
I have been a member of Microgaff since it was in beta, and I myself was, and still am - just like mgb2, andy0, oldyorkie and others - firmly against the closure of the system to new members, and have expressed this in the relevant discussions. The excuse given is 'quality control' - but what about us? We were let in with open arms, so why not others? It is meant to be a community-run service ...
It wasn't the microgaff helpers that closed microgaff!
When it's reopened yorkie i am still vouching for you Smiley Wink

Lol.. Thanks rochessel ... Man Happy

Lol no worries Smiley Wink. It's not really like you need it but hey it's the thought that counts Smiley Wink
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If it does re-open and there is a list of interested people please let me in! Got my box of sims and sim cutter at the ready Smiley Happy
I believe weeman is still knocking at the door too...

its olny fair to let everyone in who wants in, i mean we all do sim's elsewhere yeah? i know i do but this would help too Smiley Wink

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thanks for all of your suport :0