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Mobile Internet and Growth

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by dangaff on ‎07-07-2011 15:46

I'd guess that the end of free data will hurt growth - something to keep an eye on over the next 3 months.  If so, then why not have first 6 months free - like originally used to be offered once upon a time.  That is long enough to be attractive and get people giffgaffed and long enough to get them to stay on.  It's good marketing - and pretty low cost.

by th4rg3
on ‎07-07-2011 15:47

Not 6 months free!!! only 1 or 2, still good enough!

by amukid1
on ‎07-07-2011 15:48
i wish that was possible use the internet all the time and the free internet was what attracted me to giffgaff in the first place
by booyar
on ‎07-07-2011 15:48

I'm never gonna not approve more free stuff but I think giffgaff may be in a better position by attracting people to the over £10 goodybags now which still offers v good value

by gdp
on ‎07-07-2011 15:49

It's possible to use the internet all the time Smiley Happy I do it. Just take a £10 goodybag Smiley Happy You don't get nothing for nothing in the world.

by orignaliddy
on ‎07-07-2011 15:50

oh well thats why they should buy the £10 goodybags aswell kuz its bare cheap and like free internet

by rong42
on ‎07-07-2011 15:50

i very much doubt gg will go back to offering free data. they would loose out too much


it was only free because it took them so long to implement a charging platform (it was never originally meant to be free for so long, but charging kept being delayed)

by giffgaff_1
on ‎07-07-2011 15:51
6 months would be to long as it costs giffgaff to supply it. I think maybe 3 months would be good and would keep in line with the policy of the free gg to gg calls and texts
by dangaff
on ‎07-07-2011 16:11

3 months wouldn't have persuaded me - 6 months was long enough to switch mobile providers.  It costs giffgaff someting - but that should be weighed against cost of winning new customers - and might be best assessed by seeing to what extent growth has tapered off with ending of free data - i.e. how much growth is lost and might be regained with a period of free data for newbies.

by as7861
on ‎26-09-2011 19:21

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