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Mobile Model Mandatory Requirement upon Signup

Mobile Model Mandatory Requirement upon Signup

It seems the more and more posts I see daily, we always have this daily dilemma of providing settings to a user, but not knowing what device they have, resulting in several hours or days lost where the user hasn't replied, and therefore hasn't got the answer she/he needs, affecting the giffgaff reputation of speedy quality replies.


The option to allow users input their device model and brand is currently optional, however this idea is to make this a requirement upon sign up. This allows us to know what device the user has, and provide better quality answers to all instead of directing them to the standard Giffgaff APN.


This would solve time, and make the experience of giffgaff far better. Giffgaff is mobile network provider, that's the purpose of giffgaff, and so it would be much more efficient to ask for the phone the user has upon sign up.


Implementing this would be easy, simply add another field to the sign up process asking the phone they have, and make it validated to ensure some text has been entered.


Who agrees? Kudo if you do!


sound like a top idea




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What a brilliant idea!



Haha thanks! Smiley Tongue You know, it's funny, I remember when I first joined the forum. I was one of those people that posted 1 idea and was put off with the fact people were so judging about an idea as they've seen it before. A little bit of advice is to go beyond that, think outside the box. And of course search before posting to avoid being made a fool off after putting hours of work into it Smiley Wink.

Great idea, Hope Giffgaff will consider this!
Another alternative is for Giffgaff to advise the author on stating the name and type of his/her phone instead of making it a pre-requisite?



Haha, funny, I was just about to edit my post saying they can also add a little how to find your model number on the page, I will make visual aids to show my example a bit later.

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Very clever but

1) People might change

2) Im sure this has been suggested before


ALso this is under consideration, which will also help




1) People can change their phone model under 'Community settings', this is already implemented

2) I've searched and searched, didn't find anything, all I found is an idea regarding making the phone to appear due to privacy settings, which is no where near related.