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Mobile site topup page improvement

Mobile site topup page improvement




Got someone complaining on FB and I think they have a point. They wanted a goodybag bag + blackberry add-on and clicked on Blackberry plans link.





However the link takes you to a single page with everything on it, starting with the normal goodybags.





You have to scroll down past these to get to the blackberry plans. Understandable that someone could get confused and buy a £10 goodybag by mistake, instead of a £10 Blackberry plan.


Ideally the links should go to separate pages, but at least should go straight to the relevant section and not just the top of the page. Misleading and confusing where it doesn't need to be.


So the idea is to change the mobile topup links so that they take you straight through to the section that you need. At the moment, with the way its (not) working, there's no point to the 3 different links as they all go to the same place. 


Cheers folks Smiley Happy 



giffgaff; ergo sum

A valid point.

Just a couple of anchor links would make all the difference.


As it is, this seems to be designed to confuse. How hard would it be to link to three seperate pages? Having them all on one page makes no sense whatsoever.



Yup, I can see why this would be confusing. Good idea, and so simply to change with a few simple anchor links. Supported.


Good idea +1

Again, something that should just be implemented.
Very confusing and, as you say, can easily cause someone to buy the wrong goodybag through no fault of their own.

Terrible mistake, the address even says!


This needs sorting urgently Smiley Sad

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Status changed to: Implemented