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Modify the swear filter

Status: Idea Vault
by stephenmiller on ‎17-12-2011 19:28

As you have undoubtably seen when a swear word is detected it is replaced with a **bleep**. Now I think this is unsightly and suggest that we replace the **bleep** with something much more pleasant, I propose twpo options, the first is to use a smiley emoticon instead i=of te offending word. Observe


Giffgaff is completely **bleep** and all you **bleep**ers are **bleep**




Giffgaff is completely Smiley Happy and all you Smiley Happyers are Smiley Happy


Which is much nicer Smiley Happy


Another possibility is to replace the offending word with a much nicer word like buttercup or snowflake, as the swear filter is just a bunch of macros a different word can be allocated to each offending word.


Hope you like my idea





Status: Idea Vault

Close enough to this one to be a duplicate I think Smiley Happy


which is under consideration Smiley Happy

by jackiechanman
on ‎18-12-2011 22:49
How about making the replacements seasonal? Smiley Happy so now it's Christmas time, swear words could be replaced by words like 'snowflake', 'bauble' and 'Christmas tree'. Or spring could be things like 'daffodils' and 'rabbits' Smiley Happy
by giffgaff; ergo sum bertiebat
‎18-12-2011 23:21 - edited ‎18-12-2011 23:25

@jackiechanman I was thinking on the same lines as I quite like this alternative to the original idea and if the change could be made to make it changeable then it would be good. Smiley Happy


I'm going to add this idea to the original so that it might be considered.

by nicki29392
on ‎19-12-2011 16:54

It's really true how the **bleep** thing actually makes the post seem a bit aggressive to be honest :/ anything to make the posts look a bit more positive with the smilies Smiley Happy it would also make it not as obvious that these people were using swear words or offensive words. Just looks like they like using lots of Smiley Happy

by stephenmiller
on ‎19-12-2011 23:34

Rather amazingly this idea only had 4 kudos before it was marked as a duplicate and has gotten an extra 10 since, I don't understand that.

by welshdragon92
on ‎20-12-2011 05:05
+1 I like this :-)

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