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Modify the swear filter

Modify the swear filter

As you have undoubtably seen when a swear word is detected it is replaced with a **bleep**. Now I think this is unsightly and suggest that we replace the **bleep** with something much more pleasant, I propose twpo options, the first is to use a smiley emoticon instead i=of te offending word. Observe


Giffgaff is completely **bleep** and all you **bleep**ers are **bleep**




Giffgaff is completely Smiley Happy and all you Smiley Happyers are Smiley Happy


Which is much nicer Smiley Happy


Another possibility is to replace the offending word with a much nicer word like buttercup or snowflake, as the swear filter is just a bunch of macros a different word can be allocated to each offending word.


Hope you like my idea






There was another idea similar to this which was to replace the swear word with 'giffgaff'.


So: Giffgaff is completely GiffGaff and all you GiffGaffers are GiffGaff.


I kudosed that idea too, I think either would be good to make the forum a more pleasant place to be.

What a **snowflake** brilliant idea stephen Smiley Wink
giffgaff; ergo sum

Penalise users that swear by removing a kudos


Unfortunately this has already been mentioned Stephen Smiley Sad.


See here:



james the link is brilliant 👍😃

The swear filter is a joke badassery allowed **bleep** not Smiley Wink

I ate the FAQ
Status changed to: Idea Vault

Close enough to this one to be a duplicate I think Smiley Happy

which is under consideration Smiley Happy


Holy puppydog this is still getting kudos even after being marked as a duplicate? Smiley Happy


You have to love the idea of making the swear filter using contextual replacements instead of generic words Smiley Tongue


You **bleep** can all go and **bleep** yourselves.


You monkeys can all go and stroke yourselves.


I could do that all day Smiley Tongue


So what swear words can we say???


@whome badassery is one