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Monthly Summary to include log of numbers that accessed your voicemail

Monthly Summary to include log of numbers that accessed your voicemail

With all of the voicemail security concerns going round, it would be great if Giffgaff could include a summary with the monthly usage statement, to show which numbers were used to access/log in to your voicemail, how many voicemail messages were left etc.


It could automatically flag up/highlight unrecognised numbers accessing your voicemail, besides your own mobile calling through 443. In the future, it could maybe even allow users to authorise numbers that can access your voicemail.


I don't want that on my statement thanks. If anyone wanted to spend their time hacking into my voicemail then that's their own time they've wasted. No one cares whats on my voicemail.


I think there's a big panic on voicemail here that is undue, and it's not just on GG, it's in society in general.


First of all, it is deplorable and those involved SHOULD be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

But it's your phone, and it's up to you to be secure. I believe GiffGaff lets you set a Voicemail PIN, which I RECOMMEND YOU DO RIGHT NOW. Once you have a PIN, nobody can call you and engage in conversation, then call you from a second phone to get into Voicemail.


Each network has a default voicemail PIN. These are publicised and well known. If you change it, you are fairly safe Smiley Happy


It's not really anything to panic about if you change your voicemail PIN.


If GiffGaff wanted to innovate, I'd suggest they have an ability to disable remote access to voicemail, and perhaps do so by default, or indeed to use a unique initial PIN on the SIM holder... Or to prevent access to voicemail remotely if the default PIN is in use...


I'd not get into a panic, just change your voicemail PIN to something that isn't a network default one, and isn't 1234 or 0000 (or anything else stupid) and you should be OK.


Perhaps some more security about where voicemail can be accessed from would be nice, but that's mroe complex.


gdp wrote:

Or to prevent access to voicemail remotely if the default PIN is in use...

I wonder if there's a danger of slightly too much paranoia setting in


This is already true.


On at least some networks that has been the case forever, or at least 10 years. I had to set up a voicemail PIN on the first mobile I had, which was Orange in 1999, for calling in remotely, including on the phone itself from abroad. Same with O2 4 or 5 years ago, and that also had a different mobile number for one's own voicemail, which only I knew.


Right, if there is no default PIN, then I think that's fairly good... I am pretty sure I have (on another network, yet recently) entered my own voicemail from another phone, while my PIN was still the default network-provided one...


Since that was the method used by the journalists in this case, it would be protected.


And yes, there is WAY too much paranoia. I agree. I don't use Voicemail, but it sounds like GG is inherently safe by not having default PINs Smiley Happy

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