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More choice of phones

More choice of phones

Not sure if this has already been mentioned but I just thought if giffgaff can give us a more bigger selection of phones nice easy idea and it gives us more of a choice in which handset u want I don't think giffgaff have a wide range of phones available at the moment sorry if this has already been mentioned thanx
One plus one would be a good choice
There needs to be more variety Smiley Happy
rocket scientist

I'd like to see giffgaff selling the Moto G but if O2 don't sell it neither do giffgaff.

Good point your open to your own saying and well done for saying what you think think its good idea there should habe more phones to offer people
just trust me...
Good idea, if there was more choice it might bring more new customers to giffgaff too!
That is true. They don't have any old Nokia style phones because there is still a market out there for them.

a good idea,,, a kudo from me,