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More marketing control - sms or email or both

More marketing control - sms or email or both

I'm fed up of texts from giffgaff but I don't want to opt out of marketing as I would still like the emails.


I would like to see us having greater control over the marketing we receive, ie. a choice such as tickbox for SMS, email, or both.


I don't seem to get many texts, mostly emails.


Certainly more control would be welcome. I hate the number of emails I get asking me if "my friend's" SIM has arrived, when it was ordered using the URL by someone I've never ever known!


I hate marketing from any company but wouldn't mind getting the monthly statement.


I suggested that they separate the monthly email from marketing here;

Not one person even commented tho Smiley Sad


I'm still happy getting other marketing emails, just I'm fed up of getting texts at erratic times and would like to turn them off.


Haven't had a text for ages. I didn't even get the daylight savings one.

Marking and updates are on. Smiley Frustrated


Really? I had one at 8 am this morning and it woke me up. Thanks for reminding me I have a personalised usage email giffgaff, I did read it when you sent it a few days back, sadly it was wrong, was it really worth waking me up over Smiley Mad


This would be a great idea & i can see a number of people using this to stop the text messages


Neither of those ideas even mention seperating SMS from email marketing preferences?

Status changed to: New Idea