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Move The Accepted Solution to the Top of the Page

Status: Not For Us
by llyamah ‎22-01-2012 10:13 - edited ‎23-01-2012 14:52

A pretty simple idea, but one that eminated from a lot of discussion on this thread and my reply on page 9.


Any post that has been marked as the 'accepted solution' should be moved to the top of the page, just underneath the OPs post.  This has several benefits:


1) It encourages people to write well thought out answers, rather than one word or shorter replies that are not of as much value.


2) Where one word replies are all that are needed (and may therefore be marked as the accepted solution), they stay at the top of the page.


3) Anyone coming to the thread late or via the search facility will see the accepted solution straight away (without having to click a link that takes them to it).


Simples really...!


EDIT: When I proposed this idea, I should have said 'copied' to the top, rather than 'moved' to the top, for reasons provided by fellow giffgaffers in the comments below.

Status: Not For Us
We really liked talking about this idea, however at the moment, we feel that the link to the solution is enough for members to be able to find it and this change will not be made while other tasks need to be addressed.
Seems alright to me
I have found that the on occasion the accepted answer is not always the most thought out or completely correct answer So unless the boards are policed better by gg there is no point I have stopped posting as much because the forum has become more of a game the a help!
kung fu master

great idea!!! Smiley Wink but good point sangrif - i know what you mean - sometimes not always the best answer is chosen.


Agreed @sangif.... although one would hope that it is the majority of the time.


Q: Are educators allowed to change the 'accepted solution' when it is not entirely accurate?


llyamah yes educators can change an accepted solution.


I like the Yahoo answers way of doing it where the best answer goes straight to the top, not sure if Lithium supports it but it's a lot better Smiley Happy

Yes educators do look over solutions and unsolved threads.. They even accept some themselves if someone has said, thanks for that, sorted now, but still not accepted a solution.. Great idea, hope it gets implemented!!!

If it helps expand beyond one word answers, I support this!

 And while accepted solutions are moved to the top, can any "ask an agent" answers be automatically deleted? Sometimes an Agent is the only valid solution, but i'd be happy for the 50th person who typed this in a thread, 3 days after the previous (identical) post  to be publicly flogged.


edited for crimes against spelling


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The official giffgaff stance is that this is already in place:

Status: Duplicate

Already implemented as we have the 'Accepted Solution', by which a link in the first post appears links through to the solution.

However I haven't marked this as a duplicate in view of your point 3:

"3) Anyone coming to the thread late or via the search facility will see the accepted solution straight away (without having to click a link that takes them to it)."
So, this is a great idea which is original and OP should get all the credit they deserve

I'd support this idea if the 'accepted solution' post is copied (not moved) to the top of the thread. (The reason being that this post may contain quoted posts and may be referenced and/or quoted in later posts, so I'd still like to be able to see it in its original context).


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