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Move The Accepted Solution to the Top of the Page

Move The Accepted Solution to the Top of the Page

A pretty simple idea, but one that eminated from a lot of discussion on this thread and my reply on page 9.


Any post that has been marked as the 'accepted solution' should be moved to the top of the page, just underneath the OPs post.  This has several benefits:


1) It encourages people to write well thought out answers, rather than one word or shorter replies that are not of as much value.


2) Where one word replies are all that are needed (and may therefore be marked as the accepted solution), they stay at the top of the page.


3) Anyone coming to the thread late or via the search facility will see the accepted solution straight away (without having to click a link that takes them to it).


Simples really...!


EDIT: When I proposed this idea, I should have said 'copied' to the top, rather than 'moved' to the top, for reasons provided by fellow giffgaffers in the comments below.


Simple, easy to implement, benefits the community; great idea.

@victor1990 - indeed, similar to that would be good. Because we're giffgaff I'm sure we can make it better though!!!

Simple but straightforward so gets the thumbs up from me Smiley Happy

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We really liked talking about this idea, however at the moment, we feel that the link to the solution is enough for members to be able to find it and this change will not be made while other tasks need to be addressed.

This would be extremely handy having the accepted solution at the top.


Bad idea.  The accepted solution is often in context of the previous messages and not a sole complete answer in its own right.


The click on the original request to that message in its context position makes the most sense.