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Multiple goodybags

Multiple goodybags

I always manage to run out of either mins or internet and en up wasting money buying a new one and cancelling the last to make the new one current, I'd love to see giffgaff try and find a sensible,affordable and easy way to purely add what they need when they need! It may also bring giffgaff more customers and income!

Like data, voice or text add-ons?


Searching Ideas for add-ons will reveal many existing ideas for you to support, like:


Supporting existing ideas is more powerful then posting duplicates as explained in the ideas guide:











If you are often running out of stuff then quite clearly you should be buying a bigger Goodybag!


Sorry, this idea would be far too complicated to operate.


Just buy a more appropriate sized bag in the first place.


Not supported.


Running out every time just means you aren't buying a big enough goodybag in the beginning.


Why would you want to add something to a goodybag that only has a couple of weeks left to run?  Isn't it better to start again with a full month on all the allowances?  If you just want a small amount of extra data, you can buy it with airtime credit at 2p/MB while the existing goodybag is still running.  That's £5 for 250MB, and airtime credit doesn't expire.