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My Giff Gaff Page

My Giff Gaff Page


I was just thinking, on our My GiffGaff page we have these square thingys that are like widgets?

So what if we were able to move these around i.e. have the redeem voucher box at the top (or wherever you want it)

This way you can have everything where you want

What do you think?


I think that's a great idea. On top of thay mayb you can have an addeidget button so u can add Widgets like Facebook. If thats possible

Good idea.

The funny thing is, I was looking at my Nokia n95 this afternoon, and I could not rearrange the messaging folder--stupid !!

I am all for customizing things, it makes for easier & faster navigating.

giffgaff head-scratcher

I was just thinking the same Smiley Happy You should be able to arrange widgets; delete, add and move them. As well, there could be an option to change the colour theme of "My Giffgaff" so it is more suited to how you want it.


It's a cool idea to customize your own pages Smiley Very Happy


i like the idea. i also think this is a different to the link you've posted darren.


We've had this before, I remember I used to have useful links ontop of my news feeds.

Then it went? Strange! Smiley Frustrated


i think that we should also be able to customise our background and themes.

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Hi all, although we love this idea and this is actually how we started the website (with this functionality in mind) we ran into so many issues, especially when we wanted to make adjustments on what we wanted implemented, we have decided against this. As this is a massive project to start up, the costs for implementation to get it working to the benefit we'd get from it, simply do not weigh up in favor.