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New Goodybag idea - aimed at deaf people

New Goodybag idea - aimed at deaf people

Hi, I am deaf and there is a gap in the Goodybag market aimed at deaf people who use their mobile only for texting but also for unlimited internet access - ie, they do not make any calls whatsoever. Is there scope to offer a unlimited texts & internet Goodybag only for say £7.50/£8.00?



Excellent reasoning although in retrospect; apart from having a vested interest & in the light of his follow-up post, I think the OP was seeing the possibility of a marketing opportunity for gg & I'm sure that many similar interest groups exist with such opprotunities.

I agree with your reasoning 100%, being in a seriously impressive profit situation from my almost one year relationship with gg. Smiley Very Happy


@Andrew: surely gg would say that the existing PAYG tariff allows anyone with any disability to choose precisely whatever combination of calls, texts and data that suits their requirements. Sounds pretty reasonable - what needs 'adjusting'?Smiley Happy Also, with PAYG there is then no argument over the quantities of, say, data and texts that a certain 'group' might need in a month versus another group. Any pricing discrimination argument is moot for now as: (a) it has not been established for this bag, (b) the PAYG rates are low versus the mobile market, (c) the writing-off of unused goodybag data/texts would increase the effective rates in a goodybag for many and cloud the argument.

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I'm not saying anyone has been discriminated against, other than those with severe speech or hearing impairments will never use the 250 minutes included in their bundle so effectively are paying more for the unlimited texts and data element. In the spirit of the legislation it might be reasonable for a service provider to adjust their price point accordingly, particularly if they want to attract an untapped market. I guess a bit like the unlock a chicken campaign I could see lots of positive PR for giffgaff worth as much as or even more than any new deaf customers they acquire. My deaf friends think it's a brilliant idea, and could well be the convincer to get them to move to giffgaff as it really highlights their values; but ultimately giffgaff senior management will decide. If we divorce the disability angle then I have to mark it as a duplicate many times over; but I like it so want to let the debate run on Smiley Happy
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Status changed to: Idea Vault Both ideas invovle less/no calling minutes and also the explanation about pricing is relevant to this idea Smiley Happy 

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I did see that one, but my interpretation was "don't speak" as in choose not to, rather than "can't speak" as in without the function/ability to speak. Anyway, not my idea so I'll leave it to the OP to discuss further if appropriate Smiley Happy
I would buy it as I don't have to spend extra on minutes I don't use as I barely use 50 minutes but as someone mentioned giffgaff may not to this as they won't make as much profit.

it would go down well with alot of people.


Good thinking!

Iiyamah you are wrong. A company cannot discriminate against disabled people. They have to look at if their products are fair. I agree that text and Internet only would cater better for deaf people and those who suffer speech impediments. Perhaps GG should look into this further. Given me an idea too.



So what you're saying then presumably is that it doesn't cost GG anything to provide 250 minutes of call time?