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New goodybags and some free data

New goodybags and some free data

Vote for this idea if you would like GiggGaff to add the following to their data announcement.


A £5 goodybag data bundle which would cover users who don't talk or text much, but use quite a lot of data


A £20 and £25 goodybags which is the same as GiffGaffs £10 and £15 goodybags, but with more minutes.


A small amount of free data each day or over three months after top up (like Three) for true PAYG users who only make a few calls, texts and check emails etc.






I like the idea, but don't rush them - they've only just sorted the original goodybags Smiley Happy. They'll get to everyone's ideas in time Smiley Happy


I'd sort of agree, but I think it might also have been interesting to have bags available without internet bundles, and add internet or not as the user wished.


I'm not expecting an immediate change.


But we need to be sure giffgaff know what users want...


From what I can tell.


The argument seems to be they want to keep it simple. Not anything to do with the financial viabilty of offering these options.


If that is the case, then (personally) I don't think it holds water.


This can be far better handled by:


a. Offering the full range bundles proposed.

These are not confusing at all, they just cover the different types of usage people have very well. Making it easier to decide what to go for. It may be 7 options, but most users will only find 1 or 2 relevant and focus on those.


Users would also be happy that if they get it wrong or their needs change, they have the flexibility of simply switching to a different bundle. And that there is more than likely going to be a good alternative bundle available. Not a very limited all or nothing choice.


b. Keep it simple can also be handled by a simple well layed out website and purchase screen. Something that giffgaff are already aware of...


Just my thoughts,





this is excellent! i love it!


This is what I was expecting Smiley Sad


A £5 goodybag with unlimited data. No minutes. No texts.

Like the 3 add-on but, of course, really unlimited.


But this hasn't been released... Smiley Sad


I'd really like to see this goodybag available soon (and I think not just me...).


Or a 17p daily cap on data use?

Hi birdman


If someone uses a small amount of data each day at 17p per day that would work out just over £5 per month, which is quite a lot if there just using a few megs a day.




I meant to imply that there could be increments up to the 17p.

Purchasing a £5 unlimited data goodybag means having to spend £5.

A 16p or 17p daily maximum would benefit light users who don't use data every day, whilst equally working out to around £5 per month for those that do use data every day.


I support the £5 data goodybag but also feel that the charges for data (up to 50p per day) are too expensive.



I have worked out my average daily use of calls/text/data since joining giffgaff. After 25th May, I would be better off on Asda and Tesco - but I'd rather stay. The only thing that is a potential deal-breaker is the data charge.


Definitely need a 5 pound data-only bundle. Would also prefer a per MB charge (1-2p) rather than a per day charge for low use PAYG data. I wouldn't use a 20 or 25 pound bundle myself but for heavier users it does seem a rather large jump from 15 to 35 so I'm happy to lend my support to that idea too.


guys instead of spreading out onto 4 different propositions most being unrealistic try getting together and deciding exactly how giffgaff could satisfy most of the very low but regular data users you are


so get onto this post


and find a compromise which would work for all of you and then giffgaff will see if they can make it happen or not