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New members packaging...

New members packaging...

I love the new ideas that are coming out on here so I thought I would add 1 of my own...


I really like the minimal packaging that the Sim is sent out in but better use could be made of the messages inside...


Rather than telling people this envelope is made out of 1 piece of paper saving trees (which they can see anyway), tell them that to access their voicemail they just dial 443 or to set up an iPhone visit this link http://iphone_setup url etc...


The more simple messages we can pass onto new members the fewer repeated questions there will be on the community or precious time wasted by agents...



i agree! itd be more convienient

i think protecting environment is far greater concern than anything else, and giffgaff are rgiht to tell people they are doing their bit


i think gg need to review what they want/need to put on sim packaging. every so often there is a thread on the forum from a new user about the out of date sleeves (with old prices/details of goodybags). i like your idea though


Agree with subasht.


I think that its fine just the way it is,
GiffGaff should leave everything just how it is on the paper. 

Maybe put the FAQs on the paper? But I agree in principle Smiley Happy


good idea

I half agree with you, I half agree with subasht........

Agree completely. I had no idea about any of the important numbers when I joined. It would probably stop a lot of unnecessary posts on here.