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Newbie goodybag warning

Newbie goodybag warning

This is more of a suggestion than an idea, but I believe that newbies ought to be informed that they do not have to buy a goodybag when activating their sim. Too many newbies think that they must buy a goodybag, often paying for something they don't actually want/need. Therefore, on the top up screen for sim activation; why not have a simple message readin along the lines of "You don't need to buy a goodybag upon activation; standard PAYG charges will apply if no goodybag is purchased"


Such a suggestion would reduce confusion among newbies wondering where their top up credit has gone; not realising that it was used to buy the goodybag.


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Apologies in advance if such a suggestion has already been made.


true say, i agree with you.

Definitely worth waiting as giffgaff very kindly advise on suggested packages based on usage.


Never bought a package as I only text & phone other gg users and hubby on O2 contract.


I agree with this.


Good suggestion. Kudos to you. 


I definitely think we need to point out to new GiffGaffers that Goodybag are not the only way to pay to activate or use giffgaff and it works the same as all the other Pay as You go networks.


This happened to me when I joined, so I'd support this idea - well done OP!


Excellent idea! My brother bought a £10 goodybag instead of topup because he got confused about what was what. If people are new to the goodybag concept they might need a bit of time to understand it, so it'd be reassuring to have this to help them out to begin with.


Great post Smiley Happy


Sometimes the simplist ideas are the best...

Good suggestion mate and it would be so easy to add some info before they get to top up

Good idea - I remember being really confused when I joined. In fact, it might even be simpler not to even mention goodybags at all when activating a SIM - let the user add credit and then get to their home screen first, and THEN ask them whether or not they want to buy a goodybag.