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No charge or minutes used for calls less than ~5 seconds (when you get voicemail)

No charge or minutes used for calls less than ~5 seconds (when you get voicemail)

Apologies if this one is done before


I find this situation incredibly irritating. I ring a colleage, but get through to their answer machine, at which point it hang up immediately. However, i always get that annoying reminder, telling me that i have just used one minute from my goodybag.


It wouldn't be so bad if there were something in between 300 minutes and unlimited, but as it is i have to be very careful with my minutes.


Surely it wouldn't be difficult to charge for any call less than 5 seconds? We're not talking free calls here, just that couple of seconds it takes to put the phone down when one realises you're not going to get through.


as always, kudos if in agreeement...

Well, in theory, everyone should kudos this idea, although it's not going to happen. As soon as that connection is made, giffgaff is charged, and therefore you have to be charged also.

I'm sure I heard something about one of the operators charging per minute, but rounding up or down - which means you never pay for less than 30s. Maybe I am mistaken.


Just seems a bit of a design flaw imho.

For the first minute, you are charged, even for one second. Then, in the 2nd minute, you have to go a full minute to be charged, although seconds used will be taken out of your goodybag allowance.

Seems very simlar to this post:

Also when the call is connected GG will have to pay a connection / termination free to the number called.


YES this idea is great

just ask everyone to switch there voicemail off. if we all did this then problem solved


Agreed it would be better if you either knew it was going to go to voicemail after n rings, or that nobody had voicemail, but neither of those solutions are realistic.. Maybe this isn't either, but why not try eh?


Also, just on another note- if there were a £20 or £25 goodybag this would totally solve my problem.


Anybody any ideas if/when they are going to do this!?


Good idea in principal but as others have said there is a connection charge for giffgaff to pay .


It's not too bad seeing as O2 charge like 20p I think it is to do this, even if you don't get through.