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No giffgaff ads for giffgaff customers

No giffgaff ads for giffgaff customers

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Hi giffgaffers,


Do you see loads of giffgaff ads hanging around when you're browsing the web? I see many giffgaff ads on pages giffgaff related (not refferal banners but ads!) Couldn't giffgaff save a lot of money by keeping the ads for people who are not on giffgaff? Ad spaces cost money - it is a waste of money to advertise to people who are already customers! I hope the marketing staff will save a bit of dosh by not showing ads to members - and hopefully with the money saved they can return it to their members!


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Agree and I think it's a great idea and google do have a lot of cash to spare 

specially that opt out cookie stopping already member to get the general ad but a different one will give google a even greater return on clics per display

 the ads spaces will then not wasted to sell you what you already have.........



This simply isn't possible to implement, google ads goes off browser history and cookies, not membership.


Only way to get rid of them is using AdBlockPlus.


Good idea. Though giffgaff do need as much revenue from things as possible to keep the low costs. 

Danshevik it is possible, just not easy. If you had a cookie that said not to display ads from giffgaff that google read then you would never see them again, but a I said it needs work by google and others so not easy to implement. But it would save google and the online advertisers wasting banner slots on people who won't buy so there is revenue in it for them!

Don't most advert systems e.g. Google AdWords charge on a pay-per-click-through basis?


I doubt many Giffgaffers click on a Giffgaff advert very often without good reason so I don't see the issue with those kind of ads.

As I said before you normally pay to display banners, but not much all, and pay for click throughs, then pay even more for click through and view sales. Apart from the annoyance for customers it is view sales that is likely to waste money. If you are a customer and order a sim for a friend that could e considered a view sale but you are not ordering because of the banner.

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Perhaps giffgaff could allow members to access the site through an alternative address which would not generate a giffgaff cookie and therefore avoid the ads.
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Hi Tom Smiley Happy Thanks for contributing to the Ideas Board, as Luke has said; "The adverts outside of the giffgaff website have nothing to do with giffgaff itself. Its the search engines. When you visit a website "example giffgaff" it places a cookie on your computer. When you then visit another website, that has adverts on them, the search engine reads your cookies, and will provide you with adverts that appear relevent to what you have browsed too previously." - We could never filter our adverts between giffgaff members and non giffgaff members. It would be technically impossible, but thanks again and I look forward to your future contributions!

I don't ever see ads, THANK YOU EYEO GmbH!