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No giffgaff ads for giffgaff customers

No giffgaff ads for giffgaff customers

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Hi giffgaffers,


Do you see loads of giffgaff ads hanging around when you're browsing the web? I see many giffgaff ads on pages giffgaff related (not refferal banners but ads!) Couldn't giffgaff save a lot of money by keeping the ads for people who are not on giffgaff? Ad spaces cost money - it is a waste of money to advertise to people who are already customers! I hope the marketing staff will save a bit of dosh by not showing ads to members - and hopefully with the money saved they can return it to their members!


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The adverts outside of the giffgaff website have nothing to do with giffgaff itself. Its the search engines. 


When you visit a website "example giffgaff" it places a cookie on your computer. When you then visit another website, that has adverts on them, the search engine reads your cookies, and  will provide you with adverts that appear relevent to what you have browsed too previously.

1. Giffgaff use Adwords , if you don't click you dont pay. 2. It's because of google. Example I go on for a day I will get sky and talk talk ads. 3. You are able to opt out. Google "google ads pop out"

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Hamish - whats so "wibble wibble" about asking people to show if they support it or not? Smiley LOL

I ate the FAQ

One vital part of this idea is how it could be done and that part seems to be missing here.  


They are google ads as pointed out so how do you design it so that giffgaff customers don't see them, simply not possible I'm afraid.



I didn't say I had found a solution. I said I had found a problem.

I ate the FAQ

Seems that without some suggestions on a solution to a problem it's not really an idea.  In reality this is impossible to do.


it dont make sense if customers are being shown ads to make em visit when they have and are customers

It would be possible, not nessessarily easy or cheap though. It could be made to work were all customers of a service such as giffgaff have an opt out cookies, when a banner is being served the cookie is checked and non service related banners are served. If say google created a cookie for lots of services they could use one cookie for multiple service opt outs. However this is much bigger than giffgaff and would cost serious money to implement.

Ideas are the steps towards solutions, I suggested they could implement cookies like google, facebook and linkedin use. There is a comment box on here so people can add to the idea and debate it Smiley Happy