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Notice period

Notice period

I think a 28 day notice period should be put in place for any changes giffgaff make to our service. Free web was extended with a few days notice and people complained they had qued a bag which is fair enough as you cant always get to a pc. Were not on contract but it would be nice to know we get a bit of notice before things change. Another example is the current labs bag ends in 22 days, or its meant to but may stay or a new one may replace it, with 28 days notice we would know by now and would also make giffgaff look more organised. So it should be put in the t&c's that we will get at least 28 days notice on changes to the service.

Great idea, which would give people better visibility of any forthcoming changes. The only potential downside I can see (apart from the fact that giffgaff would need to be more organised to think that far ahead!) is that it may restrict their ability to react quickly to other competing offers. But on balance, I think it would be an improvement.

I agree, unless its out of giffgaff's hands a notice period would be nice.
If its out of giffgaff's hands thats fair enough but when its not then they could let us know sooner

i agree it would be better if they let us know


You have a point, but on the other hand one or two things you are commenting on were not changes, even if they had been expected to be. Still, it could become semantic to wonder whether not having an expected change is however a change, like extending the free data


The late notification of that apart, other changes have been given effective notice periods, and I'm sure there is deliberate aspiration and intention to do so, so I'm not sure this is something that counts as actually a new idea

I see your point andy, but take the hokey cokey for example, says it will end on 31st march but in truth giffgaff havent decided yet, if its extended thats a change, if it ends then their is no change but the replacement will be a change. If they had to give 28 days notice then they would be better organised and wouldnt have to leave big decisions until a few days before

Yes, but the fact that people who are interested in it will have bought it, and the bundle lasts a month, means that in effect the bundle's lifetime creates a sort of natural notice period anyway.


Say someone buys the hokey cokey next week on the 15th. If it's announced on the 20th or even the 31st that it was extended, no adverse effect on them. I suppose there's a proviso that they didn't book and queue a diifferent goodbag in the meantime, but this would be unlikely for someone who was hoping the other would continue - they would wait and see.

Yeah thats all good, but say they buy one to expire next month and cue one, then giffgaff announce they are bringing out a similar bag with a few less mins but 500mb data and you can still earn mins a few days before the end of the month. Not everyone can wait due to how you have to buy a goodybag, when you can by them by calling the top up line(if ever) then thats a different matter.

yeah nice idea, and very helpful info for the giffgaffers, which is how it's meant to be right!!!


i suppose that is a pretty good idea