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Notification when calling and no credit

Notification when calling and no credit

I tried to make a call the other day forgetting that I had no goodybag and run out of credit, I kept thinking there was a problem with my phone because when I made a call it would beep and hang up.


How about a automated voice/notification saying that you currently have no credit/goodybag to make a call?

head honcho

This should be easy to implement hopefully.

agreed with u_ ghafoor, I bet some people have been thinking theyve been blocked because of that
that would of been hillarius to watch Smiley Very Happy, i agree though it isnt rocket science and all other networks let you know your trying to call with no credit

i nad that the other week i though there was a problem with my phone for at least half an hour Smiley Very Happy


I'm sure you can set a notification which sends you a text telling you your balance every text or what not, but it's rather annoying. That's about as close as you will get to a notification about running out of credit. I'm also sure you get emails warning you too, but that's not much use when you can only use your phone.

my htc gives me balance of goodybag and credit balance after each call or text. keeps me up to date. but if the notification annoys you then a nice lady telling you to top up when you try n make a call would b ideal, Dan


This is duplicate of an idea that was 'accepted' and marked 'implemented' - though it seems to have only been partially implemented - i.e. notification that a goodybag is about to expire - not that the credit is about to run out.




I think it needs implementing when your credit has run out as well Dan.


should be pritty easy to set up and would help alot of people


Lol. One of those small irritating things that I think just happen to me! Nice Idea