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Offer insensitive to mark as solution

Offer insensitive to mark as solution

I had a wee search and found not a lot so hopefully this hasn't been suggested before...


Basically I'm tired of seeing answered threads not with a green tick next to them. My idea is that you offer the user asking the question maybe 50 points for marking as a correct solution. A notice could also be put at the top of the thread for the OP stating, "To gain 50 points please, choose the best answer as the right solution."


Admittedly the problem you could face is people just posting questions to get points, but I don't think many people would try and play the system this way (it would take ages to get a decent amount of points) but it could quite easily be monitored and obvious if it did happen.


Lets me know what ya all think

giffgaff; ergo sum
I think that more people would realise to do it but I really doubt giffgaff would give you 50 points for it ,as it could be abused and would require modiration. Would it bring any benifit really ? As its like giffgaff are just giving you free money, Really good and nice idea but Smiley Happy

Good idea, and i've kudoed you for it, but a lot of people would try to play the system and even if they won't get far it won't stop them trying and it would cause a lot of hassle for agents and high titled members of giffgaff Smiley Happy


I agree that that could be an issue, but the points could be less then like around 20.


Or maybe then it could be limited to a certian amount per day/week. because it would really just teach the person to do that and once they're used to it they will do it again, even if they won't get paid for it.. or maybe thats a bit too naive Smiley Happy




I do agree with you that more people should accept a solution but I just don't think giffgaff will give out free money just for someone to accept a solution. I do think they should give something so that more people do it but what that can be, is anyones guess Smiley Happy


maybe something like, for every solution you accept you get one more sim to give out, so instead of 30 it will be 31. 


just toying with ideas Smiley Very Happy




to much chance of abuse... lets be honest, there are already enough users who get all competitive about kudos... let alone attaching a monetary value to solutions...


IF you can think up with a way to prevent kudos gaming first, then I'd go for it...


FYI the educator team do look at threads & award solutions where it's appropriate... clearly tho, they can't read every single thread.


basically, don't let it bother you... if your contributions are worthwhile, then kudos & ranks will soon follow Smiley Wink


Oh I see... 
Incentive you mean... LOL
I was thinking 'What do they  mean by insensitive???' haha 



I am one those users who are totally annoyed with people who ask for help then disappear without saying if their problem is solved or not by either responding in writing or selecting the solution that helped them.


Three days ago, I posted an idea  similar to this one, unfortunately my idea was given the dreaded "duplicate status" verdict.  I hope your idea is taken more seriously as it has come very soon after mine and I am sure there are a lot of other users share our feelings.


I also hope that decision makers don't just search the system for a word or two and consider the idea as a duplicate, but look into the issue very deeply and from various points of view.




Never mind the incentives suggested by Rudolf, and never mind removing un-attended threads previously suggested by me,  let's have people like eds checking these threads (not necessarily every thread) and select the best solutions... SOME enthusiastic GiffGaffer like me HATE thread with no 'Green Ticks' I feel we are doing nothing to help.


I am with you all the way Rudolf. 

Personally find it more annoying when I click solution and it's not the solution lol!
We all know its annoying - but the problem is the people asking the questions mainly are newbies ...... All they want is to get there phone working .... They dont know WHAT the solution is till they have tried then the thread may be buried !! Or it may be weeks before they log on ..Also do we know for certian that an incentive for marking the post as solved does not already count in payback ? It may already be included Smiley Happy