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Olympic Goodybag

Olympic Goodybag

This time next year the London Olympics will be in full swing.  I know it's a long way off, but I also know that ideas take a time to get going, so...


Here's an idea for Giffgaff members to have some fun and get into the spirit of the Olympics.

The London Olympics in 2012 run from 27 July to 12 August - which is just over 2 weeks.  So Giffgaff could run a special Goodybag which lasts for a month and encompasses the whole of that period.


What I have in mind is a something a little like a modified Hokey Cokey Goodybag.  You pay a small amount (say £5) and get a basic quantity of calls/text (and maybe some data too) for the month. That much is guaranteed.  Now for the fun part: for each medal which the Great Britain team win at the Olympics you get more calls/text/data given to you.  I suggest you get a small extra allowance for each bronze medal, something more for each silver, and more still for each gold.


I don't know how hard it would be to implement (but we've got nearly a year!).  I'm thinking that at the end of each day Giffgaff total up the GB medal haul for the day, and send out a message to tell those members who bought the Olympic Goodybag that they'll receive an extra X minutes, Y texts (and Z Megabytes of data ?).  These extra allowances last until the end of the month for which the Goodybag runs.


So what you get in the Goodybag isn't known in advance, it depends on the performance of our athletes.  If you've been lucky enough to be allocated tickets, you can be cheering in the stadium for the GB team and for your Giffgaff account.


It's just the skeleton of an idea at the moment - worth pursuing ??


Aw thats a shame, but maybe there is something fun we can do as a community instead?

Despite the title, it doesn't have to be a Goodybag - it could be a special promotion or similar.


Why dont we have it as in after the olympics the goodybag stays