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Online usage history (itemized billing)

Online usage history (itemized billing)

This is another idea that has been brought up several times in various forms (see usage-history tag), but

haven't yet made it to these pages. I feel very strongly about this and would like to promote this also here: 

the idea is to implement a  'Usage history' or 'Itemized billing' under My_giffgaff on the webpage.


I prefer the 'Usage history', as i think the important aspects is that it enables one to monitor usage

(data is transferred, but of course also calls, and txt messages), not only the bill/balance at the end.


It would be a feature that underpins transparency and is very much in line with the philosophy

of giffgaff as an internet based and community oriented company. 



Usage history would be great - I could check it BEFORE contacting an agent!


what is the timeline on this? Can I join the beta testers?


I'd like to have the ability to see this info too - especially for my kids' phones !

Definitely support this. You don't always get the chance to see the remaining balance message and i don't always understand why the balance has dropped suddenly.

Would be VERY INTERESTED IN BETA TESTING this new feature . . add me to the list which I am sure is already vast!!


Cheers guys & gals,


Never thought I'd miss this when leaving pay monthly but there are times when you need it and should result in less ask the agent requests/queries so good idea which I support too Smiley Happy beta tester I can do if you need any more!
I am trying to cancel my account but can't seem to from my iPhone, this is the only way I got into giffgafff and now I can't get out? Please help as time is going and I don't get on with this system at all

I would like to have usage history. I am new to using my mobile  and it would help me to understand how it all works....


Balance shown using the #code is often different to the one you phone and that can confuse.

Fully support this idea. So I can monitor my usage over time and then optimise my goody bag appropriately
I strongly support the idea above