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Online usage history (itemized billing)

Online usage history (itemized billing)

This is another idea that has been brought up several times in various forms (see usage-history tag), but

haven't yet made it to these pages. I feel very strongly about this and would like to promote this also here: 

the idea is to implement a  'Usage history' or 'Itemized billing' under My_giffgaff on the webpage.


I prefer the 'Usage history', as i think the important aspects is that it enables one to monitor usage

(data is transferred, but of course also calls, and txt messages), not only the bill/balance at the end.


It would be a feature that underpins transparency and is very much in line with the philosophy

of giffgaff as an internet based and community oriented company. 



Imagine the amount of data that needs to be exported into an excel file. Surely this would increse traffic and so more money would be needed to ensure the extra load doesnt make the site buckle. I think if giffgaff could do this right now they would but its obviously not viable. I would rather development teams work on ensuring stability. I think there is also probably a security issue with having such data lurking around in a readable format. 


It's a nice idea but I don't massivley see the need for it at the moment.


Read my post again Smiley Wink


Not as an Excel file!


As a proper database backend to a web server.


Excel is what they export the filtered query into when they do an ad hoc report for an individual user.

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In the my giffgaff section have all your recent usage calls and texts to what number and when

This has been suggested many times, and is currently the top post in the ideas board! it's marked as future review Smiley Happy


Please can anyone tell me what to do when my sim code isn't activating, it says the code is invalid, and yes dont ask me a stupid question like "are you sure you wrote the right code" i'm reall pissed right now, i've tried it like a 100 times

I'm right...

I feel this would make the page too cluttered.I'm not sure it could even be implemented.

@nerakb I agree with you in the sense of clutterness, but perhaps a link to it instead? Anyway, as has been pointed out, this idea (or at least the original of it) is up for future review, and I do know from what Hazel and Nigel said at the OpenHouse that this is definitely on the top "To Do" list for giffgaff. Smiley Happy As all comments from "duplicate ideas" are now going to be collated along with those original ideas (at least for the time being as part of the Ideas Process Review), hopefully the link that I suggest might be taken into account in that "Future Review" Smiley Happy
I'm right...

I see where you're coming from oldyorkie.Maybe a link could be used??


I'm relatively new to GG.  I travel a lot so end up using my credit quite a bit but without a usage history I can't really assess the cost of using my phone abroad, particularly for data usage.  I knwo I can track down the costs for each country I'm in etc. but my own real data would be far more instructive and helpful.