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Online usage history (itemized billing)

Online usage history (itemized billing)

This is another idea that has been brought up several times in various forms (see usage-history tag), but

haven't yet made it to these pages. I feel very strongly about this and would like to promote this also here: 

the idea is to implement a  'Usage history' or 'Itemized billing' under My_giffgaff on the webpage.


I prefer the 'Usage history', as i think the important aspects is that it enables one to monitor usage

(data is transferred, but of course also calls, and txt messages), not only the bill/balance at the end.


It would be a feature that underpins transparency and is very much in line with the philosophy

of giffgaff as an internet based and community oriented company. 



when will we get itemized billing?  

Come on, when is this idea being implemented. Over 1000 kudos. Come on giffgaff, get a move on! :-(

i strongley agree this should be done.x


I support the idea of being able to see a list of numbers called.




This is really essential and urgent. My credit keeps going down fast, even though I have plenty of minutes/ text/ data usage left, and haven't called 0854 numbers or international calls. I have no idea where it is going, and is costing me a lot, ie £50 in the last couple of months over and above the £10 goodybag. Like somone in the thread above, I am thinking of leaving GG unless this can be sorted pretty quickly. It's really annoying!

Giffgaff would wipe the competition out of the market if they implement this idea
@cathymaxwell20 Please consider starting a thread in help and support so other users can help you work out where or credit is going or query the unexpected charges with an agent.
Please make this idea happen! Please o good people at giffgaff! Smiley Sad

i supprot the idwea has well. much needed. also  with people that get married abored, the need to prove they in a relationship with the other person and know they reqiure itemised billing, also it help us as customer to see how much txt, min, data we uses a month so on that based we know which goodie bag we reqiure


Has this happened? if not why not? where is it on the website? is there an app with up-to-date useage information?