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Opt-in to recieve text adverts, to earn points/credit!

Opt-in to recieve text adverts, to earn points/credit!

It would be great if advertisers could partner with giffgaff to send opted-in customers, txt adverts, as a form of another way of making money.


Some of this money could be then converted into points for payback, or credited as credit automatically!


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this has already been tried on Blyk....


and failed Smiley Tongue

head honcho

That would be very annoying....


Daniel, because their network was entirely funded by those advertising costs.


Jack, not if it was an opt-in service, you could choose to turn it on/off.


Blyk tried this, and closed down at the end of last summer.  Although it was almost their entire pricing structure.


The only thing they had in their favour was a fivers top up got you a silly number of texts, and the top up could be used for international texts, which were amongst the best pricing at the time.


However, it looks like they have relaunched on mainland EU now, so there is clearly some merit in the idea,


This would be annoying the balance pop ups annoy me now imagine if this was implemented. 


I don't like the idea, and it could cause all sorts of problems


NOT IF IT WAS OPT-IN! Smiley Happy


not many people would opt in, even some that said they did would avoid reading the ads, the network would not be able to produce reliable audience figures to attract advertisers, costs could easily outweigh revenue, all with predictable results ...




Bad Idea 

I THINK ITS GOOD IF CONTROLLED. if customers opt in they would get free texts for instance totally which is funded by the marketing texts. Mcdonalds for instance could be a sponsor and direct there services to customer who opt in knowing they are getting a direct advert to customer. they could flog sims in there stores too. this would be opt in option. blyt actually still operates in netherlands and reason they closed uk side was due to operational reasons. in practice if good sponsors are on board there should not be am issue over cost as sponsor pays. even if its for free texts. texts costs networks fractions of a penny to send.