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Opt-in to recieve text adverts, to earn points/credit!

Opt-in to recieve text adverts, to earn points/credit!

It would be great if advertisers could partner with giffgaff to send opted-in customers, txt adverts, as a form of another way of making money.


Some of this money could be then converted into points for payback, or credited as credit automatically!


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Something as simple as signing up some bands to help promote their music shouldn't be that difficult to make this happen.


Being backed by a big and powerful such as O2 should make it easier to get these contacts and make this happen. :]

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giffgaff is all about keeping it simple. Adding services like this cost a lot of money to implement and maintain (extra staff, support, sales teams, database changes etc). With experience with simliar concepts (Claire used to work for Blyk) - it doesn't fit with the giffgaff model right now