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'Our Offer' Redesign

'Our Offer' Redesign

The Our Offer page is the starting point for new customers to find out about giffgaff's (lets face it) amazing prices and deals. The fact of the matter is, people probably visit the Our Offer page several times before clicking that 'order a sim' button (there are plenty of them). I also visit this page every so often to check about things im unsure about.


The Problem:

The current Our Offer page (the first tab on the giffgaff site) is literally the most unpleasant page on the entire site in terms of design and appeal, whilst at the same time being the most important page on the entire site. Basically It needs changing and it's important it gets changed soon.


The Soloution:

Iv created a graphic based concept to replace the current Our offer page. See below for the image.


Click here to see a full size version


giffgaff our offerm.png


The changes:

  • A new fresh and eye appealing design. The new looks has better quality graphics with a wider range of colours, clear columns and a spatial and strategic layout.
  • A strategic layout puts important and best selling products and features first by ranking them on a top-to-bottom basis and through the visual space used by those products and features on the page.
  • Has everything the current Our offer page has, and more. The addition of 'giffgaff to giffgaff' area aswell as more network comparisons and a direct 'ask the community' link.
  • More buttons, more info. This page is the gateway to other pages on specific products and several links on this page aim to do that. 
  • A better focus on 'you'. Texts and language used implies a better focus on members, or in other words 'you'.


The Logic:

  • More views and a better understanding. The page is eye appealing and people will not only need to visit the page, they will also want to visit the page. More views equal more members and a better education of giffgaff's prices, tariff's and offers.
  • Easier links. The buttons stand out and give better and more visible links to important pages for people looking for that information. Its important potential new members visiting the site find it easy to navigate around information.
  • Better comparisons. Its important to convince people that giffgaff beats other big mobile networks on price (because it does).
  • Gives a better personal and visual impression of giffgaff to the viewers of the page. A better impression of giffgaff through this page may influence the persons choice to click that 'order a sim' button.
  • Anything is better than the current Our Offer page...


If you like the idea and feel the our offer page should be redesigned, please support this idea.




Ahh, he's been back a day and submitted an idea Smiley Happy

Welcome back Josh! Smiley Wink 

head honcho

Cheers for the support guys.


Can I point out this is a concept. It's not perfect, the image is there to illustrate and evidence my point that the Our Offer page can be improved and my concept shows how that can be done. Please don't concentrate too much on if and how areas of the page will change in the future. Regarding microgaff, this area would be replaced by a section advertising giffgaff's own microsim ordering service, and if not, giffgaff have allot they can advertise in blank areas on the page.


I hope that helps and I hope people understand the basis of this idea. Once again, thanks for the support.




Point taken Josh.  Thanks. Smiley Happy


you need to include three and tesco and virgin in the offers as its not a true comparison then


Looks good and simple to me Smiley Happy Good job! 

Looks really fab!! Big kudos! Microgaff could take on another life yet who knows it isn't over to the till the fat lady sings so speak lol Smiley Wink

id does need an update its a bit o2

That looks really cool and new. Good work, must have taken some time.

Love the new look, its simple and clean so it gets the thumbs up here


great design work!