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Partner up with Adapt Discounts!

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by joshualh on ‎25-09-2011 09:57

hi if you have a natwest adapt account for 11-18 year olds you will recieve a discount card you can use at many places but what about giffgaff partnering up with adapt discounts http://www.adaptdiscounts.co.uk/ then youths can get discounts on goodybags topping up.etc



Status: Idea Vault
by agmeee
on ‎25-09-2011 10:00
Good idea, plus I had no idea I could have got discounts with this... Good job!
by imy247
on ‎25-09-2011 14:04

That is a really good idea, i hope they accept it x Good  Job x

by victor1990
on ‎25-09-2011 14:29

I don't think giffgaff could afford this given the financial trouble they are in. Also, why should students get special discounts above & beyond regular customers?

by hamishlaw
on ‎25-09-2011 18:30

What financial trouble are giffgaff in or did you just make that one up yourself ?


As for rewarding the U18's pray tell me why ? Giffgaff is an inclusive community that means weans, teenagers, the middle aged, the oldies and the even older oldies !

by auto_reissued_encored
on ‎25-09-2011 23:51

giffgaff is cheap enough as it is, does it really need to be cheaper?

by hazel22
on ‎31-12-2011 21:53
Status changed to: Idea Vault
by zobia22
on ‎09-01-2014 16:08
Status changed to: Idea Vault

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