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Pay As You Go - Blackberry Add-On

Pay As You Go - Blackberry Add-On

So far only 2 mobile providers in the UK offer blackberry services on PAYG; Orange and T-Mobile. At £5 a month with Orange you get access to the Blackberry Internet Service (Email,Blackberry Messenger, MSN Messenger, Facebook, Twitter etc.). Orange however for texting and calling is quiet expensive. If GiffGaff were to offer Blackberry services on its PAYG service, it would give GiffGaff a competitve advantage in the market. It would firstly be an affordable choice for texting and voice calling, but what would set it out amongst the other providers even more is that they offer Blackberry on PAYG.


Not really that likely, seeing as though O2 themselves don't offer it. I also wonder whether £5 would be viable for Giffgaff given that they have already dismissed unlimited internet for £5 as not being viable. I believe it also needs a dedicated server with proprietary software to make BIS work.


would love that


It could be an add on in addition to internet ( as the Blackberry service books are really a different service running over GPRS anyway).


The thing about prepay BIS Blackberry is that you don't get the enterprise level BES push features unless you pay loads more on contract... However at work we've just upgraded our mail server to BES Express (sounds like an 80's dance record) which allows basic BIS users all the benifits of BES on a prepay BIS account... but I dirgress.


TBH, IMHO Blackberries are pretty poor for email unless you have the full £££$$$ corporate server package but this would be great for my old 8310.




I believe BlackBerry is the best platform for emails even the BIS one. This is their primary activity isnt it? Smiley Happy

But I don't believe GG will have BlackBerry services, it would be too expensive to have the solution I'm afraid.

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former giff-staffer
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We're looking at doing this, but it's very diffecult to implement and costly. So it's not a short term goal for us.

Out of interest, what does the BIS allow you to do that you can't do with standard Internet access?


i really like your idea,, maybe gg could do goodybags for blackberry,, for example;

£10 a month, 50mins unlimited blackberry data service and unlimited texts


It'd be good to see GG introduce it. @ gawright BIS is the connection to RIM's network which enables you to recieve / send emails and use blackberry messenger. Without BIS you will not be able to use these services.

Hi Thanks for replying. I realised that but I don't understand what advantage it gives over standard methods. All other smartphones can send email and access the internet without the network providing specialist servers. What the advantage of the non standard blackberry method?